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Ofiiicyi/poP (LoLC^Ce /^^a/ii^es 






The Beginning 

There ^s just something 
about the OC... 

Oakwood College. 

* ' L a 


'*////«'/•' ;/»% 

/f ^ (A t Ml? M. . ' *>' ' 

halbnved 1, 
w/7/ never (Ihwr-lvr X-u ,-: 
even jHsi visiiiiiv ( \ 'k^\ * >» \ *' 
perieiices that ywi i ^ni iic ( 

1 ' it f 



'''/, and 

oiiege are c ' 


The Beginning 


Campus Life 


Spiritual Life 



Clubs & 




The Freshman Year 

The Sophomore Year 



The Junior Year 


The Senior Year 


The End 



In Loving 

Samantha Chamarro 
November 18, 1986 - May 5, 2006 

Samantha Jean Chamorro's and 
tragically ended May 5, 2006 
These two Oakwood College 
their sophomore year of college 

for summer 

Samantha, affectionately known as Sam, 
a political science and history double-major and 
native of New Orleans, Louisiana, was weU known 
for her Hispanic heritage and her humor. Sade 
Darlington, a close friend of both Chasity and Sa- 
mantha says, "Samantha was just Samantha. She 
was funny, very affectionate, caring and really 
loved her family. " 

Troy Bright 

Former students who 

Each student will be greatly 

The Beginning 

Memory Of. 

Chasity Nicole McNeil's lives 
in an automobile accident 
students who had Just ended 
were preparing to return home 

Chasity, also known as Chazz, a native of 
San Antonio, Texas, who was pursuing a career in 
business and information systems, is remembered 
for her gentle voice, kind demeanor and warm 
smile. "Chasity was our psychologist- -she was 
always willing to help: she was very giving. They 
were good girls; they were like our sisters," says 


RMH^^^^^I III 









1 w 




Chastity McNeil 
April 3, 1986 - May 5, 2006 

^11. ^ 

Hersha King 

died summer 2006. 

missed and all are dearly loved. 

Compiled by Natalie Blake 


1 % 

Students Make It Happen: 

The Visual Arts Council 

Ryan Lang 

I -wanted a club that i^ould increase art 
appreciation on campus as mrell as provide 
activities to cultivate the cultural and artistic 
abilities of students on campus," says Visual 
Arts Council founder Melissa Charles. Not 
seeing a club on campus that catered to the needs of 
artistically gifted students, Melissa took the initiative 
and created this organization. 

The Visual Arts Council gives students at Oakivood 
College who are already seasoned artists the 
opportunity to enhance their artistic talents and 
alloivs students ivho are artistic novices to develop 
their aesthetic abilities. The council specializes not 
only in drawing and painting, but also in media art and 
computer-aided design. 
8 The Beginning 

Photos compliments of Melissa Charles 



Our goal is to support the single parents 
to sucessfuUy matriculate through the 
educational process at Oakwood College," says Dr. 
David Sedlacek, the social work professor mainly 
responsible for the New Beginnings program. 

The New Beginnings Program is designed to 
meet the needs of single parents (both fathers 
and mothers), and their children. New Beginnings 
supports children ages 2 weeks to fifteen 
years by providing computer access, 
play areas, nap areas, laundry facilities, 
counseling, support groups, and life-skills 
workshops. New Beginnings is in the first 
year of a two year pilot program. 


Faculty Initiative: 

Nei¥ Beginnings 

Compiled By Rachel Baker 

^•.^*' ,.;;f^ 




t aX 





What Makes The O.C 

The ex: 

Our Families: 

The Influence 

^Qlamily is one of the most important aspects 
WP of life, and it is often family that has a 
great influence on mrhere one decides to attend 
college. Just think about it. Hoiiir influential 
mras your family in your decision to attend the 
OC? Perhaps, your parents and/or sibling(s) attended 
Oakwood College and you have decided to continue 
a family tradition. Or maybe, a family member 
encouraged you to go to Oakinrood after speaking 
with an Oakivood College alumnus. As -we live as 
students here at the OC, let us continue to remember 
those who have inspired us and raised us to be the 
men and women that we are today — our families. 



The Beginning 

■V 9:, ^ 

No ti¥0 people think alike or have the same ideas, 
and this difference is good. At the OC we value 
our diversity. Not just people from different cities, 
states, and countries, but the different cultures, 
tastes in music, flairs in dressing, flavors of cooking, 
preferences in reading, styles of learning, types of 
teaching, and ways of preaching. 


I like hearing different accents. I m glad that 
everybody doesn't look the same. I can 
alivays fmd someone awake - 12:00 midnight 
or 5:00 aon. If everyone thought, walked, and 
acted the same, this place just wouldn t be 
the OC. The difference is great, the difference 
is golden. 

^^ Joy Anderson 


Difference is Golden Tayior 


i'* ft*-^" 

w 1 





What Mfske^ TIfc O.r 


What Makes 1 lie O.C 

More Than a Legacy: 

Everyday Salvation cabrieiie Bames 

This campus, rich in history, is home to more than a 
legacy: for a legacy is remembered, even reverenced, 
but never re-lived. We remember the homes and 
cultures from ^vhich we've come. We reverence these 
former plantation grounds and the memory of the 
generations that died to bring us here. But unlike the 
schools around us, each day on this campus, we re-live the story 
of salvatioi^ not only at AY, church, or Power Hour, but in the 
library, in the cafe, and in our dorm rooms. 

It is out of the ordinary that our most mundane moments 
include daily divine intervention. A testimony gives strength 
in a clearance line; a teacher asks for prayer requests to start 
class; a friend's ana-wer to any problem is Til pray for you." Here 
school spirit is more than a painted face at a game or a license 
plate tag on the road. This school's Spirit is the Holy One who 
hovers over the campus, providing sustenance no cafeteria can 
serve and teaching lessons no classroom can teach. Enrolling in 
the Oakivood Experience is enrolling in an experience with God. 


The Beginning 

Photos compliments of Derrick Sabater 

High belts, Vans®, leggings, polos, snow boots 
and flats are all some of the clothing articles 
that you would see if you walked around Oakwoods 
campus. Oakwood serves not only as a melting pot of 
different countries, but also of different styles. 

Oakwood students are known for their sense of 
fashion. But some may ask where this unique 
sense of style comes from. The answer is in the 

various locations from where people come. 
From California to New York to Florida, 
you are sure to find individuals with style. 

TheOC 13 


iverybodY loves the 
south, because the s outh loves 
everybody! There's rw twhere else 
in the world were you can find 
better hospitality. Wl lile scoping 
the campus Ifound S outherners 
who w«Bg proud of i heir states 
and wanted-all of the people who 
were stilling living ii the stone 
ages to know that the i south has 


Kassidy Alexander from 
Jackson, Mississippi says about 
the South' s contributions to the 
campus, "Because of us people 
leave here friendly, our hospital- 
ity just rubs off on everyone!" 
Oakwood students are known 
for their hospitality and for being 
very friendly. The southerners 
take credit for this Oakwood 
tradition. Southern flava' on 
Oakwood's campus can't be 
overlooked. "Even the pioneers 
who founded this institution 
knew the south was a place were 
students could grow spiritually 
and academically without out- 
side distractions from worldly 
things," says Sasha Mitchell 
from Alabama. The south is a 
place were people can enjoy the 
simple things in life and appreci- 
ate them. 


just rubs 

off on 


14 The Beginning 





"Chicago is 
very fast- 
paced, and 
is gener- 
ally slow- 

Why the Midwesterners love 
the OC: 

Holly Carrell (sophomore, St. 
Louis , MO ) - "I experience 
less stress here at Oakwood 
because I am around so many 
other Seventh-day A.dventlsts. 
The atmosphere here Is very 

Louia McDonald (junior, Chicago 
, IL ) - "Being here at Oakwood 
has allowed me to more effec- 
tively cultivate the leadership 
skills that I had developed at 
home in Chicago . By becoming 
involved in different organiza- 
tions around campus such 
as beir\g a class officer and be- 
ing a President's Ambassador, 
I have learned social skills and 
career skills that will help me in 

the future." 

Carolyn Nwankpa (senior, Chi- 
cago , IL) - "Chicago is very fast- 
paced, and Oakwood is generally 
slow-paced compared to Chicago. 
1 have encountered many more 
friendly people here at Oakwood. 
I can meet someone one day 
and a few days later, I can talk 
to them like I have known them 
my whole life." 

Lauren Wright (sophomore, Co- 
lumbus , OH ) - "For one thing, 
the temperature is never predict- 
able here! But otherwise, 1 have 
been able to develop closer 
friendships as a result of coming 
to Oakwood College ." 

- Ryan Lang 

ature is 


■ '':"'"'f^X'^v^J^Lj^^^^ 



KK 800 



A Plan 





;mam:e ^oum bmaim^^aveb oscillate like micmoi^aveb 
Heat them: up until itoum kmife metumwb bpamklimc^ 

like fkesh blave chains 

So pmoclaim: theim emlancipation just at the might 


Release them: 

Meveal them 

^i:v:*i. them:^ 


Unveil them 




16 The Beginning 




Everyone anticipates the first day of school 

joy, excitement, worry, fear 

Everyone wants to see the people 

treasured friends, new students, noisy suitemates, old nemeses 

Everyone has a thousand things to do 

register, move in, run to Wal-Mart 

Everyone gains something 

confidence, knowledge, '^Freshman 15^' 


Everyone loses something 

sleep, ID cards, keys, minds 

Nobody ever forgets 

Life At The OC 

■:A^ mf 

18 Campus Life 

Campus Life 

En@ixȣ The OC 


"Today I prayed with a fellow student in the cafe. I saw him, said hello, and then with a slight sense of distress upon 
his face, he said, 7 need you to pray for me. ' Only the God in me responded immediately, asking, 'Why not now?' We 
then relocated, sat in a booth, and prayed. 

"Prayer is part of daily campus life at Oakwood. It is a time when one reverently ceases from hectic day-to-day 
activities for a brief moment of unselfish supplication to the Father. Here at the OC, we will do that. This is where I 
can comfortably hold hands with my brother or sister in prayer in the middle of the sidewalk and not be subjected to 
stares. ..because they already know what we 're doing. We 're praying. It's not odd. It is not cliche either. This is prayer 
at Oakwood— a unique experience every time. " 

-Amber K. Boyd 
TheOC 19 

istudiantes Extranjeros 

Colegio Adventista de Sugunto y Universidad Del Plata 


Greetings and words of wisdom from a few of our Estudiontes Extranjeros: 

"The most importanf thing I've learned this year is how to 

adapt to different places, cultures, and people as well as to 

appreciate the similarities and differences in others." 

-Bianco Andrews 

tiealthcare Administration & Spanish 

Universidad Del Plato 

I ve learned riow tc 
other people from o 

-Renee Morris 

Elementary Education 

Colegio Adventista de Suguntc 

'Ve learned so much Spanish being here, I suppose that was 

my objective. /Ve learned to tolerate different things that I 

don't agree with. Oh and my patience has SERIOUSLY 

developed : I " 

-Sheridan Allen-Perry 

AAusic: Vocal Performance & Spanish 

20 Campus Life 

3% . 

if raid to fry new things. If they don't kill you they will 

mal<e you stronger, wiser, an 
-Yonnett Victor 

more knowiedgeabie. 

"The most important thing I learned this year in 
Spain (besides SpanishI, is that no matter wh 
you are: whether you're in a different school, job, 
or country, things chan 

remain the same is who you are." 

-William Smith 

hiistory & Spanish 

Colegio Adventisto de Sugunto 

L^oleqio Adventista de buqunfo 

"I miss American food, being able to drive, having a job!! 



oneself in a country abroad is one of the best ways to learr 

and oertect a lonauaae 

-Janelle J' 

•entary tducatior 

itista de Sugunto 

otudents sriould travel abroad because triey will be able to get an 
opportunity to learn about another culture and language. This is a 

qood idea tor individuals wrio are adventurous and are lookina 

"fve learned how to adapt to different ways of life. Ive 
learned that patience IS the 

more than a typical college experience, traveling abroad opens the and actually 
mind to many things. As the author Saint Augustine says it all so well 
'The world is a book those who do not travel only read one page'." 

-Elsie Romilus Er 

Social Work 

worth) more man trie dollar 

qlish rrotessional Wri 

TheOC 21 

An Exercise In Faith-Building 

t is a time when students inquire 
about obtaining student loans, hav- 
ing insurance fees removed, changing meal 
plans, or, sad to say, seeing their advisors 
at the last minute! It is 
Registration, and we all 
know the process well. 
It is when Oakwood's 
campus becomes ener- 
getic and lively. New 
students come with 
great anticipation and 
returning students ar- 
rive with their minds set 
on graduation. 

"Registration is a 
time for me to interact with new students as 
I take their student I.D. pictures. I realize that 
Registration is a time to help new students feel 
more at home," Courtney Myrick soys. 

The majority of students visit the Skating 
Rink, specifically Student Accounts. All students 
want to see o purple stamp on their papers 

saying "Financially Cleared." 

Registration ploys a major part in 
the Oakwood College experience. During 
Registration, many students develop friend- 
ships, gain knowledge. 

"Registration can be 
a way for all of us to 
earn that God is inter-] 
ceding on our behalf." 



and grow spiritually. 
Rose fHatten states, 
"It's a time when 
con really watch the 
Lord work out my 
financial situation in 
ways that I could not 
hove done, and that 
has helped increase 
my faith." Registra- 
tion can be a way 

for all of us to learn that God is interceding t^-"'^' 

on our behalf. 

-Rachel Baker 

Freshmen Orientation: 
A New Beginning 

Sitting in seminars, playing games, and 
meeting new people are just some of the things 
done during Freshmen Orientation. On August 
16, 2006, hundreds of fresh- 
men from across the world 
entered Oakwood Col- 
lege to begin their college 

After finishing the long 
process of registration, the 
students were ushered into 
their residence halls. Fresh- 
man Kymberly Byrd said, "I 
was nervous when I met my 
roommate, but she was very 
nice and everything worked out." 

For some, the annual parting ceremony 
was a very emotional experience, but the fresh 
men and their parents had to face the reality 

that they were starting new chapters in their 


During Orientation week, the students 

were required to attend ses- 
sions where they were in- 
formed about departments, 
programs, and activities on 
campus. On Sunday, the 
students competed with 
each other in group physi- 
cal activities. 

By the end of Orien- 
tation week, all students 
were well informed of how 
things operated on campus. 

Although the week was long, it was necessary, 

and the freshmen class greatly benefited. 

-Morgan McGhee 


1^,, i'^ 

\ ^p 











heir Talents, 


24 Campus Life 



Get Fit - Jump Rope!: 

A Health & Wellness Production 

TheOC 25 


Back to School Bosh 

The 2006 Back to School Bosh, held at the Unity 
Pond, was o tremendous success. Students from every 
class pined together to celebrate the beginning of the 
new school year. The event included several enjoyable 
attractions such as sumo wrestling, three-legged racing, 
obstacle courses, and a host of 
others. Perhaps the best part of 
all was the free hot dogs, chips, 
and drinks provided for oil to en- 
joy. Wherever there is free food, 
OC students are sure to come. 
The Bosh was sponsored by 
the United Student Movement and the Student Activities 
Office, who strive to ensure that each student has a 
complete college experience with enriching and enjoy- 
able educational, spiritual, and social activities. 

"I really like the fact that 

Ookwood has something 

interesting for us to do on a 

Saturday night...." 

Here ore comments from students who attended the 

Back to School Bosh: 

"I really like the fact that Oakwood has something 

interesting for us to do on a Saturday night like the 

iiock to School Bosh. It was fun and I enjoyed myself, 

especially [participating in] the 

obstacle course." 

- Rebecca Romilus, freshman 

1 socialized with many new 

people. I was really excited 

to have this opportunity." 

- Sandor Comeau, freshman 

-Joshua Champion 

Campus Life 


USM Activities are always interest- 
ing, and the Fiesta at Ford Hall was 
no exception. The Fiesta was a Mexican- 
themed event filled with laughter, music, 
colorful decorations, bright lights, and most 
importantly, food. Chips, salsa, and guaco- 
mole are always 
favorites among OC 
students. After wash- 
ing that down with 
Kool-Aid, students 
worked off the late 
night calories with 
some salsa dancing, 
(no one was dancing 

in pairs of course - this is still the 00, but 
students did show off their best imitation of 
the Salsa baile. The USM officers looked 
aufentico in their sombreros and some were 

Fue muy 

even conversing in Esponol with los estudi- 
ontes. The event brought a new mix to USM 
activities. Juniors and Seniors, who had de- 
clared these events "for underclassmen and 
off-campus students only", and are normally 
throwing GREfS ANATOMY parties, came 
in search of free food 
and enfretenimiento 
(try pronouncing that). 
Fue muy diverfido and 
not a night to miss! 

- Lisa Hall 


Los estudiantes-TI-ie students 
Fue muy divertido-lt was very fun 



Excellence in Education 



2007 Highlights in just a few of the many dynamic departments on The OC campus! 


Four Oakwood Co 
research presented 
Conference for Mi 
Anohieim, California, 

age seniors won awards for 
(ht the Annual Biomedical Research 
inonty Students (ABRCMS) in 
in November 2006. 


resistc nee, 

Lauren Pedersen 

on potential new 
Shammah Williams 

on a novel compound 
metabolic syndrome 
obesity, insulin 
Norris Hollie was 
opioid receptors mo 
progression of heart 
Michael Knight 
on KLFll, a tronscripti 
suppressor for pancr 


was recognized for her research 
tarlgets for future f^lV protease 

was recognized for his research 
with the potential for treating 
X, a condition characterized by 
', impaired glucose tolerance and 

recognized for his research on how 
/ undergo modification in the 

recognized for his research 
ion factor that acts as a tumor 
satic cancer. 


Campus Life 



Communications' students attended several events this year 

The Howard University Job Fair - a continuing effort to 
increase minority representation in the field of communications. 
Among recruiters were graduate schools, major television and 
radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. 

Society of Adventist Communicators - an annual convention 
that gave students the opportunity to learn trade 
secrets from experts in print and broadcast media and interact 
freely with prominent Adventist communicators. 

Alabama Press Association Job Fair - on opportunity for 
student iournolists to interview with daily and weeklies as well as 
receive valuable professional advice. 



Music majors, aspiring vocalists, scored an opportunity 
to talk v\/ith opera diva Angela Brown. They 
learned from her the ups and downs of her career 
experience; and received encouragement and advice 
from the former Oak wood College Mjsic graduate. 


In addition. Brown and the Aeolians, un 

the direction of Norman Crarey, pert 

concert at Trinity United Methodist Chi|rch 

the Celebrity Series of the Huntsville Chamber Music 


grmed in 

as part of 





Tips on Achieving Academic Success 

Compiled by Temidoyo Ogunrinu 

Dnttohy Ldw - sei^^^^^H 

"Start strong 4H|^^JmS 
need to find fr^r^^^^^^| 

)r. Patricio Dye^^^epartment of i 

od first 


^CTnjIy^ and Consumer Scie 
^^ftlosses and moke u 

have do not have the some primary goals as you, then yoL 

iups with your classmates, if it is beneficial. 

have a "teachable" attitude 

Dr. Albert Osei - Department of Mathematics & Computer Science 
"Do not wait until the lost minute to do your work. You must work f 

Ur. \_raig liiller -^ Uepartme 

:)nsible and be motur 


take your schoolwork seriously. 

Lastly, always try to follow up with your professors 

HHWIBBBK ,do not cram, age your time wisely .IH 

will tail into its right place. 

Jesus first and everything 

Dr. Dionne Felix - Department of English and Foreign Languages 
"Set goals, whether short-term or long-term, in all that you do,. Jj 

you with your schoolwork and moke use ofj 

Be a good listener 

resources to help 

nd be dis 



listry, or 

70 to bed earl 

1 the evening and woke up early in the morning to 
_ iter than 5-7 hours after class has ended. Study in groups 
vvi ici I uppi u^i luic ui lu remember to study your Bible." 

becoriit; uiit? 
with the subject 

you find to do.' 

30 Campus Life 



Though most Cali- 
fornians havq grown 
used to the laci of palm 
trees, beaches, and ce- 
lebrities In Hiintsville, 
we have all come to ac- 
cept the low kdy south- 
em community ^f or what 
it does dffef: a^tural col- 
lege atmosphere and a 
ch^Bo grow spiritual- 
ly with t)ther young Ad- 
ventisls. We recognize 
that temporary changes 
in lifestyle, i.e.: Los An- 
geles to Huntsville, are 
sometimes necessary for 
personal growth. 

her experience at both 
UCLA and Oakwood, 
and found that though 
UCLA is a prestigious 
school in a big city, its 
huge student body popu- 
lation creates an overly 
competitive atmosphere. 
Apparently, her one se- 
mester in the west at 
UCLA was enough to 
brii\g her cheerfully back 
to the southern hospital- 
ity offered at Oakwood. 



lifestYle are 

TheOC 33 

If Oakwood is a quilty then prayer is the 
thread that holds the O.C. together. Firmly 

constructed on Christian principleSy 

administration^ faculty^ staff and students 

have put God first in all things. As a result^ 

the institution still stands on the same 

principles over 100 years later. 

Spiritual Life at the O.C. is more than a 
section of the yearbook or division of student 

services. Spiritual Life is LIFE here. It is 

more than mandatory religion classes^ dorm 

w or ships y and prayer before class starts. 

God is woven into the fabric here; 

He is the fabric here! 

Without our Spiritual aspect^ there would be 

no niche for Oakwood. 

No reason for just another HBCU. 

Spiritual Life makes the O.C. 


Spiritual Life 

Spiritual life 

HouiiMa It All together 

^,,^ ., ^^lJ 


>^9^ ..t^l^/ ■■ 

\ . % 

Ir 1 

: , PL^"^ 


► :^^^ 

r ^^% " ^ 

• m, 







Oakwood College 's spiritual life has a special hold on my life. It wasn 't until I came to Oakwood my freshman year 

that I even had a spiritual life. It was as though God was searching for me even though I wasn 't looking for him. 

Growing up as a Christian, I always thought that I was missing something, and by attending AY, attending church, 

participating in Prayer Meeting, and serving others through outreach, at Oakwood my spiritual life soared! I just 

want to thank God for not giving up on me and giving me the opportunity to become a part of Oakwood' s spiritual 


-Tamara Anderson 



God is my everything. He is the only one who un- 
derstands me when no one else does. God is also my 
best friend, because I can talk to Him all through the 
day about how I am feeling. Without Him, I would be 


My source of strength 
from beginning to end. 

Nikka Sorrells 

Kayus Dare 

WhaP Dm Gi^d 

Judeth Fortune 

J a^ Neil Carrington 

After weeks and weeks of prayer, when that prayer 

is finally answered, not only does God answer your 

prayer, but He adds on to the blessing something that. 

He saw fit to give you even before you asked for it. 

Tk Smn 

God means everything to me. He is the source 

of all my needs. He is my friend. Without 

Him, 1 have no chance at a healthy and happy 

Spirit-filled life. 


Spiritual Life 

My strength and my friend. He's always 

there when I need Him and He has given 

me everything I need. 

My source of strength in which my 

whole life depends on. Jesus Christ is 

who I am dependent on always. 


* Steve Williams 

Fresnel Fanfan 

Mm^ 7^ Vm? 

Jessica Hudson 

Sherwin Faria 

God is my all and every- 
thing. He is the only thing 
that makes sense. 

God is my rock, my fortress, my friend. He has done 

so much for me, I just can't describe it all. I can't 

wait to see Him and thank Him for everything He has 

done. What an awesome God we serve! 



"Every single student 

at ThiMB has a specif 

purpo^^nd a special i;. 
"^^^in the body q' 

Undoubtedly, one of the no- 
ticeable aspects of Oakwood College 
is the convergence of several talents 
that form a unique spiritual and social 
atmosphere not duplicated anywhere 
else. Whether listening to the blended 
voices of a performing group during a 
Friday night AY service or to a student 
as he/she delivers the spoken Word 
from the pulpit during a weekly chapel 
service, it is evident that The OC is a 
very special place. But the talents of 
our students are not limited to singing 
and preaching (although these are areas 
where our students shine). In fact, God 
has imbued each of us with spiritual 
gifts to be used for His glorification. 

Not often do we acknowledge the 
many students who use the spiritual 
gift of teaching while serving as Sab- 
bath School teachers. Other students 
use their gifts of wisdom in sharing 

tips on how to succeed to benefit 
underclassmen. Several students on 
campus use their gifts to counsel fel- 
low classmates in difficult subjects or 
even with personal issues. 

First Corinthians 12:27 says, 
"Now you [that's us, Oakwood!] are 
the body of Christ, and each one of 
you is a part of it" (New International 
Version with special emphasis). Every 
single student at The OC has a special 
purpose and a special responsibility 
in the body of Christ. So, remember 
to use your God-given spiritual gifts 
because "the body" is not complete 
without your unique contribution. 

-Ryan D. Lang 

Spiritual Gifts 

"Perception is a gift with which I feel I 
have been blessed. I have the ability to 
connect with others on a more personal 
level, and this is demonstrated in my 
relationships." - Monique-Renee Pinnock, 
Sophomore from Toronto, ON, Canada 


Spiritual Life 

"The body is not 

complete without 

your unique 


"I have been given the gifts of admin- 
istration and teaching. These are very 
important in my duties as AY leader 
and Sabbath School teacher" - Reginald 
Exum, Senior from Baltimore, MD 

"The most important spiritual gift that I 
have is the gift of prayer. I can't reach 
everyone through my words to them, but I 
can reach them through prayer." - Martina 
McGhee, Junior from San Antonio, TX 

"My spiritual gift is the gift of helps. I use 
my gift by assisting the staff of my dormi- 
tory with small tasks, and I am a deacon at 
my home church." - Takudzwa Mkorom- 
bindo. Freshman from Loma Linda, CA 



Goodman and Weech 

At around 8:00 on most Friday 
nights, the campus is quietly 
sleeping. That is unless you 
are in the church (or unfortu- 
nately the Ashby Auditorium). 
AY at Oakwood College is a 
dynamic and Spirit-filled end 
for a long week and an ener- 
getic welcome to the Sabbath. 

Week after week we are 
blessed with God's word, 
inspirational songs, lively 
praise and worship sessions, 
powerful testimonies, collegial 

prayer, and Christian fellow- 

:§mm-i t 

Friday night AY is the high- 
light of many a stressed-out 
student' s week. The chance to 
not only hear other people's 
prayers and praises, but the op- 
portunity to lift up your own is 
an experience not to be traded 
for anything. 

-J. Anderson 


A Y A T T H E O C 

holding itall together 

40 Spiritual Life 

holding itall together 


It's 7:30 p.m. on a Wednesday 
night and something inside you 
is telling you that you need a 
break. You go to prayer meet- 
ing and realize that the songs, 
testimonies, and the sermon 
was God's way of speaking to 
you that night. 

As students we are stressed 
with the demands of our profes- 
sors, roommates, and classes 
that just seem pointless to our 
majors. For many of us, it is a 
blessing to be able to come to 
prayer meeting and "recharge 
our batteries" so that we can 
end the week strong. Prayer- 
meeting has given many the 
encouragement that they needed 
to deal with life's everyday 
struggles. Jenifer Brockington 
says, "Prayer meeting encour- 
ages me, despite my circum- 
stances, to reach for the vision. 
It is a stop we need to make 
before the Sabbath in order to 
keep our goals in focus. 


It is also a way to get closer to 
God through prayer and fel- 
lowship with other students. 
Elmany Saint-Fleur likes how 
Pastor Newborn has involved 
the Oakwood College students. 
"It makes prayer meeting more 
enriching when I see my own 
classmates just as excited about 
going to heaven as I am," Saint- 
Fleur said. 

I ^1 

Taylor and Weech 

-Rachel Baker 



"I enjoy attending all of the churches in the 
area, but Tve been going to the Oakwood 
College Church for so long that it just feels 
like home. Besides, [going to] Oakwood 
is good on GAS!" - Nathanael Baker, 

"I really appreciate how Madison Mission 
allows you to worship freely. The Spirit 
is truly felt in this place every Sabbath." 
- Regine Valcin, Marketing 

"I like First Church because the style of 
worship is different every Sabbath, which 
allows someone to gain a blessing every 
time they worship there." - Michael Vance, 


Huntsville area 

has a 

wide variety 

of churches 

to atttend 

42 Spiritual Life 

"I love the warm and friendly atmosphere 
that New Life has allowed me to feel. 
This church has given me the strength and 
motivation that I need to develop a closer 
realtionship with Christ." - Sharon Saint- 
Fleur, Business 


worship in different 


It's Saturday morning around 
8:30 a.m. at Peterson Hall and you have 
just come out of the shower to realize that 
your inconsiderate roommate is looking 
through your clothes to find his Sabbath 
outfit! You kindly tell him that he can 
wear whatever he would like except the 
brown and cream shirt that he has me- 
ticulously picked out for himself! The 
morning proceeds and the roommates 
sit and try to decide what church they 
should attend. Across campus at Wade 
Hall, there is a rush to find the curling 
iron, the shoes, the purse, and the belt. 
You hear excitement and the preparation 
for church is felt in each room. When the 
church attire is just right, the perfume 
or cologne is sprayed, and the Bible is 
taken in hand, the students of Oakwood 
College go to their desired church for a 
day of fellowship, praise, and prayer. 

The Huntsville area has a wide variety 
of churches to attend. Some students 
prefer a large church family such as 
Oakwood College Church, First Church, 
and Madison Mission, while other 
churches such as New Life and Mount 
Calvary appeal to students who desire 
a close-knit family environment. From 
contemporary worship styles to conser- 
vative, the Huntsville area is the place for 
empowering sermons, energizing music, 
and enlightening services. Students feel 
the presence of the Lord wherever they 
go, and a need to be closer to Him. And 
whatever church you visit on Sabbaths, 
remember that it's not only about what 
blessing you can recieve, but it's also 
about how you can be a blessing! 

-Rachel Baker 



Four Haikusfor Oakwood 

Every shade of brown 

Comes in every shape and size 

The diverse people 


Dimples and cheekbones 

No two faces have the same 

The many people 


Spiritual Life 

Question: What is it 

That holds it all together 

The Oakwood people? 

. «■" 

i^i^imii^'^ • , . j«i%..*.i mp^,.0^ »»* 


The answer for you: 
A gentle but steady knock 
Feel God^s presence here 

TheOC 45 

I'm sorry Father 

I haven't decided yet 

The day I repented was the same day me and 

the other guy re-met 

Our relationship is better than yours and mine 

So until I make a decision. You can sleep on the floor 

So the devil's in my bed and God you're on the ground 

I laid you on a blanket I got from the lost and found 

I'm at the halfway point between You and him 

I'm in the dark with a little light 

That's dim 

I'm still in the middle right? 

On no whim m 

let me get to the point where 

I'm no longer in the middle 

but I choose a place or station where 

I'm either the answer or the riddle 

not the fiddle, but a guitar 

very close or very far 

with me or against me 

learned or proclivity 

tell me which one I seek 

neither nor 
I'm not sleep but I snore* 
I'm awake but I'm bored 
Which state do I thrive? 
Am I dead or am I alive? 

^^ / ^"1, mf*'^ 


I'm presently in a coma 

I can't smell, I see the aroma 

Not bad eyes, a bad nose, nasal glaucoma 

I'm messed up cuz I can't figure which way to go 

Laodicea, I'm disgusting for You to behold 

Be cold, you'd rather that than a semi-Christian 

Deaconess Sabbath morning, Saturday night leg division 

Vegetarian, but I'm still in the Dead Sea fishing 

Aeolian, Soprano, I sing Hip-Hop, listen 

Not to mention 

I'm better cuz I don't go to clubs in Huntsville 

I'm a Christian here at Oakwood, I am the ideal 

But I'm better, cuz I drive 3 hours to ATL 

Go to Buckhead clubs, guess what 

I'm still going to hell 

because I'm warm with a prefix luke on the top 

I follow Jesus and Satan 

I'm a robber and a cop 

Training Day, train the day, train the ways of my past 

46 Spiritual Life 



So either I sit there quietly or I outburst and laugh 

Chuckle at the fact that I'm still in Junior High 

not higher education or elementary, no truth or a lie 

It's ironic how I'm not vegetables or Grade A beef 

I'm just 100% gluttonized, Morning Star veggie meat 

and I'm sorry Father 

I haven't decided yet 

That which you hate, I am 

Those whom you loathe, I am 

That revolting substance which you will spew, I am 

Repel me, I am 

Decree me to hell: That, I am. 

You'd rather me be like I AM or be like I AIN'T 

Than pretend to love you both, 

simultaneous imp and saint 

I'm committing adultery as I speak \ 

Wife to You, mistress to him 

I watch my conscience leak 

The Holy Spirit is exiting through my pores 

Gradually, until He tallies the final score 

God You've tried, You even went overtime 

but like the bond between crook and cop, 

this is organized crime 

And I rely on my organized mind 

To organize and divide my time 

Between tlie hells and the Holy Shrine 

So like a week ago I had palms praising Hosanna 

Praying like a zealot, eating of Ihe spiritual manna 

Next week cock crows triple time 

And I scream like an umpire. Crucify! 

Gamble Your garments, but there's no harm meant 

Father, You know I got a thing for fashion. 

Winner! I want the seamless smock. 

Sinner! Saliva in Your face with a mock. 

Every time I perform iniquity 

Me, I'm that left thorn impaling Your cranial cavity 

But then I'm crying at the sight of My Lord & Savior 

Next, I'm auctioning Your life at a meager wager 

Even so, Speaking of me. You say,"ril still save her" 

What more can I do but write a disclaimer 

At the end of the redemption contract 

And it reads: 

"Despite the outpouring of temporary infatuation with you God resulting by said appeal by one of your select ser- 
vants that rose up emotionality within my heart, even so I am subject from this moment forward to be more loyal to 
my lover with whom I am presently betrothed - Satan himself. Do not be offended." 

Save me, O God, from myself. 

- Amber K. Boyd 
"The Floor: Sleeping with the Enemy" 

TheOC 47 


So, Vm sleeping with the enemy, while You, my Creator, Father, and God is lying on the floor 

I have two masters. Am I some kind of whore? 

I'm dating two beings, but one of them I must love more. 

Can't I have a committed relationship with two different people? I can't serve both, can I? 

Yeah, I want the best of both worlds. 
I'm just that kind of girl - lukewarm. 

-Amber K. Boyd 

Spiritual Life 


Class work, group projects, term papers, 

exams, volunteer hours, down time - how 

do students have time to get involved? 

They make time. The OC is rich 

with clubs and organizations to suite 

everyone's taste - professional fraternities, 

departmental clubs, leisure clubs, 

outreach organizations, choirs, - there 's 

something for everybody! 

The hard work and creativity that go into 

campus clubs and organizations goes a 

long way in making the O.C. the unique 

place it has grown to be. 


Clubs & Organizations 

Clubs and Organizations 



-nt stale littBBIaOi 



Stand Ministries has given me the opportunity to reach out to the community. I have been able to 
be a positive influence to the young men at the detention center. God has revealed a lot to me, and I 
have grown spiritually as a result. 

-Sheilese Combs 

TheOC 51 


Art & Soul 

Bruce Bean Singers 

CJ Embry 
Junior - Theology 

Art & Soul 


What's the most 
interesting thing Art 
& Soul has done 
this year? 

A The Luvapalooza 
show was amazing! 
This semester we^^e 
really paid attention to detail 
as far as backdrops go. 
Now you can appreciate 
the visual art as well as the 


Why should poets 
join Art & Soul? 

A For the freedom 
of expression. 
Everyone goes 
through different trials 
and tnbulations. Whatever 
you feel, you can let 
It out throuigh poetry. 
Instead of Being criticized, 
your expressions are 

52 Clubs & Organizations 


Communications Club 



Why did you join the 



Alt gives me an 
opportunity to 
practice the things 
I learn in class and I get to 
meet different people in my 

Carlos Ray 
Junior - Communications 

Not Pictured 

Family & Consumer Sciences 

Fashion & Art Council 

Literary Guild 


Student Dietetic Association 

Student's President Council 

Dynamic Praise 

Ecology Club 

Faithful & True Ministry 

The OC 53 

French Club 



Fitness & Wellness 

In-Reach Ministries 

Eian Jackson 
Junior - Fitness & Wellness 

Fitness & 


Why did you join 
the Fitness and 
Wellness Club? 

A I joined because I'm 
concerned about 
other people's health 
and I want people to be 


Why should 
Istudents join 
the Fitness and 
Wellness Club? 

A Because you are 
uplifting God by 
telling people to 
take care oftheir temples." 
Man's first duty to God is to 
have a healthy body. 


Clubs & Organizations 

Ladies of 

Knights of Oakwood 


What's the most 
Ladies of bxcellence 
has done this year? 

A The Breast Cancer 
Awareness booth in 
Blake Center. It was 
fun to interact with students 
and pass out valuable 
information about breast 
cancer - a prevalent issue 
among Afncan-American 
women. We gave out over 
700 ribbons representing 
the breast cancer fight. 


Why did you 
ioin Ladies of 

A I joined LOE for 
the sisterhood and 
community service 

Alexandrea Frye 

Junior - Human Development & 

Family Studies 

Ladies of Excellence 

La Voz 


TheOC 55 

M'kono Nia 

Master Guide Club 

Mathematics & Computer Set 

Men of Distinction 

Joel Bohannon 
Junior - Theology 

Literary Guild 


What's the most 
interesting thing 
Literary Guild has 


done this year 

A Right now we're 
working on a quote 
book for incoming 
Freshmen to help them 
be better prepared for 
college. Once we finish 
gathering wisdom from 
upper-classmen, we plan to 
publish it. 


Why didyou join 
Literary Guild? 

A I joined Literary Guild 
because I wanted an 
opportunity to write 
and be published. 

56 Clubs & Organizations 

OC Dental 


Why should 
students join the OC 

dents j( 
Dental Club? 

A OC Dental Club 
L\ exposes students to 

/ \the field of dentistry 
as an alternate option to 
graduate or medical school. 


How has the OC 
Dental Club helped 

Alt's helped me learn 
about different 
summer programs 
and the club brings different 
dental schools in to talk 
to students about their 
dentistry programs. 

Stevie Reynolds 
Senior - Biology 


OC Dental Club 

OC Camerata 



Phi Alpha Delta 

Pre-Alumni Association 

Pre-Law Society 

Progressive Black Caucus 

Tiffany Silvera 
Junior - Finance 



Why is Pre-Law 
Society important to 

Alt's important to me 
because it's tine only 
career-oriented club 
on campus that has given 
me both direction and a 


Why should 
students join Pre- 
Law Society? 

Alt students are 
debating whether 
or not to become 
lawyers, they should join. 

58 Clubs & Organizations 

Phi Beta 

Phi Beta Lambda 


Why do you enjoy 
Phi Beta Lambda? 

A Phi Beta Lambda is a 
great club that gives 
business majors an 
opportunity to network. 

QOf Phi Beta 
Lambda's activities 
this year, which did 
you enjoy most? 


I enjoyed the fund- 
raising - selling 

Kim Anderson 
Senior - Management 

Religion and Theology Forum 


Spreading Oak 

TheOC 59 

Social Work Club 

Stand Ministries 

USM Senate 

Visual Arts Council 

Jessica Eliacin 
Junior - Mariieting 


Why should 
students join SIFE? 

It offers opportunities 
to get business 
experience that you 

won't get in your classes! 

Plus - It looks great on you 




hat's the most 
important thing 
SIFE has done this 


A! can't choose! 
We did a "First 
presentation to students 
about interviews and 
business essentials. The 
next week many students 
came back from a business 
fair with prospective jobs 
and interviews. Also, we 
haven't gone to competition 
yet, but Inat's really 

60 Clubs & Organizations 

USM Senate 

Voices of Triumph 


What's interesting 
about beinig a 
member OTtiie USM 


A I iiave a ciiance 
to speak about 
students' concerns 
and voice their opinions to 
the administration. 


Why did you join 
USM Senate? 

A! was displeased 
with living conditions 
in the dorm and I 
said to myself, "Something 
has to change", so I joined 

Sam Nwosu 
Junior - Biology 

USM Senate Rises to New Heights During 


"Unity is Key" was the theme for the 2006-2007 United Student Movement 
Senate, and unity was truly shown in every project of the Senate. The 
Senate, led by USM Executive Vice President Joshua Nelson and including 
members from each of the representative districts or residence halls on 
campus, worked together to introduce several new programs and initiatives 
during this school year. Senators worked collectively on larger issues but 
still took time to commit to personal Senate projects. 

The Senate became active from the very start of the school year by 
continually asking students to share their concerns about anything on 
campus. Some concerns were minor and required only a few steps to 
address, but other concerns required the energies of all Senators. One of 
these issues included the lack of preparation time for students to pack their 
belongings and receive adequate rest before leaving at the end of the fall 
and spring semesters. 

Many students told the Senate how busy they were at the end of the 
semester and how they wished for more time to relax after the final 
examination week was over and before they left for their homes. Through 
communication with various administrative officers, the Senate was able 
to let College administrators know of the student's desire for an extended 
period of preparation time after final exam week. And one day in February, 
the students heard the answer to their request: President Baker announced 
that, with special allowance from deans, students would be able to stay in 
their dorms later at the end of the semester. 

Because of the dedication and persistence of the USM Senate, we the 
students of Oakwood College, were able to see several changes in our 
dorms, to see improvements in the services of the various departments on 
campus, and to receive additional funds for several of our campus clubs 
and organizations. The Senate set the bar high at the OC for this school 
year, and hopefully, this level of excellence can be carried on into next 
school year. 

_„ ^ -Ryan D. Lang 

TheOC 61 

62 Clubs & Organizations 

TheOC 63 


SO it's a different circumstance 

i_ , TT 1 Goodman 

but He loves me 

than past romances 


it's more like poetry 

He loves me especially 

the way He loves me 


in and out of contexts 


in and out of my experiences 


around and around my 





when I get writer's block 


I don't even know the meaning 

He makes a way for me to carry 


of the way He loves me 

on a living. 


it's more than 

Though I fuss and fight with him 

He came to die 

He loves me especially 


when I do what I want 


its more than 

not what He asks 


He loved me before I 

He loves me especially 


was bom 

when I'm looking for 


see none of that matters to me 



because He loves me 

down a dark path 

especially as I am 

He loves me especially 



when I don't understand 


see I am 

when I need love so I search for 


not what He dreamed 

it in man 

outside of what He imagined 

He loves me especially 


but still inside his love 

when I try and fail 

scholars and ministers 

He loves me especially 


try to study and explain 

When I rant and rave 

9 ^^^^ ^ 



Do what I want 

it's futile because 

rewriting my destiny on 

you couldn't understand the way 

an entirely different page. . . 


He loves me 

but He never erases my name 





the roll 


I've never been in love like 

He loves me 

this before 


sometimes I don't know how to 

Clubs & Organizations 



Few are able to fully grasp the 

true impact that sports can have on a 

player. At the O.C. it is more than just 

a game or something you do when you 

are bored, for that brief moment, it is 

your life. 

That perfect tackle, shot, spike, hit, 
kick, or drive is what you have worked 

on for years; anyone who can ^t 

appreciate how serious it is to you is 

just getting in the way. 

(Sports- a way of life.) 








Overall our team went 4-13 and yes there were many upsfor the team, but we also had many 
downs. All we can do is look forward to next season and keep cheering and supporting our team. 
If I must say so myself we have the greatest fans in Alabama!! Different people have different 
feelings and opinions about this season; my personal opinion is that we can and will do better 
next season. So until next year AMBASSADORS!!!!! WE WILL GET OUR HUMP BACK!! LETS 

Goooaa oc is got that hump de dump dump dump a oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh- 


- Solomon Matheka 



2006 - 2007 Ambassadors 

# 30 - Eric Adams 

# 15 - Landon Bertrom 

# 23 - Terrell Black 
#11- Rupert Bushner 

# 33 - Michael Conner 

# 4 - Derrick Long 

# 14 - Shae Crockett 

# 13 - James Doggette 

# 32 - Andrew Ford 

# 24 - Blain Gentry 

# 40 - Nathan Hamilton 

# 10 -Dewitt Henley, Jr. 

# 22 - Kareem Telesford 
Head Coach - Tony Oliver 

What was the highlight of 

the season ? "^^^t*'^^ ^"^^ ^i"^^" " ^^^^^'^ 

"Beating Martin Methodist" 
- Adams 
"Scoring 14 points and 10 rebounds" "Playing with the new guys" 

- Long - Black 




"We underac 

70 Sports 

"Just looking forward to next year" 
- Bertrom 

Highlights from the season 's basketball games 
include the talented James Doggette flying above and 
beyond his opponents to slam the ball down into the net. It 
also includes the Bushner brothers robbing their opponents 
of loosely handled balls, and Terrell Black, DJ Henley, 
Michael Conner, and Eric Adams scoring some clean three 
point shots. There was even some action off of the court 
with over-anxious fans gaining attention for "different" 
demonstrations of team spirit. Overall, the games were 
packed with energy and love for our Ambassadors. 

Winning home games were not just defeats for the 
team, but triumphs for Oakwood's supportive students. We 
\feltfor the players when they were hurt and we were more 
than willing to join the altercations on the court. 

The Ambassadors brought school spirit back into 
the campus during the blistery winter months. And, for their 
hard work, we applaud them and we look forward to their 
return next semester. 

-Cortnee Blayton 

"Learning experience" - Conner 

TheOC 71 

2006 - 2007 Lady Ambassadors 





wvif ^ 1 

^ ff 





In Action! 

If you could recapture the girl's basketball 
games, then you would notice some of the highlights, 
like the nice lay-ups and steals that Oakwood's players 
so diligently worked for on the court. You might also 
recall some of the less effective tactics the girls used 
against their opponents. Overall, the girl's games 
proved to be full of action and support from the 


The Lady Ambassadors have much to look 

forward to in the upcoming school year - more than 

half of the squad should be returning equaling more 

seasoned and experienced players. The defeats of 

this past school year will equal championships in 

the 2007-2008 school year. 

-Cortnee Blayton 


It's A Fan Thing!!! 


Shivering outside Ashby Auditorium with 
no gloves or scarf . . . 

Realizing with dread that you have 
forgotten your student ID . . . 

Running back to your dorm to find it, 
worried that when you get back the gym 
will have "reached full capacity" . . . 

Finally being admitted and calling your 
friends to see if they have saved you a seat 
in the now packed gym . . . 

Screaming with delight (or moaning with 
despair) during the last ten seconds . . . 

The priceless journey of an OC fan. 

74 Sports 

Wait a minute . . . there were cheerleaders! 



Good job girls for getting the pom-poms 

rolling! We're looking forward to bigger 

and better things next year! 

TheOC 75 

Photos: Matheka 
76 Sports 



For the second year in a row, Caliente' went undefeated - beating two teams in one night! 
They played Mean Gurls at 6 p.m. and then advanced to the final against Rude Gurls at 8 p.m. 
The championship is the most important game of the season, but this was really important for 
Marcia Jackson; she had played for Caliente' the year before as the starting running back , but 
had joined forces with Rude Gurls for the 2006 year. So she was out to prove that Caliente' 
would miss her. 

Caliente' came out running the ball, and 

scored a touchdown strike from Bowens 

to Abria. It was a beautiful play. It was 

a defensive game, both teams stopping 

each others' offense. Rude Gurls never reajlly got it going; this was truly 

not the same Rude Gurls that really gave 

a few weeks before (the final score of tha game was 8-6). In the final 

seconds of the game, Caliente' s Abria kicke d a field goal to seal the game 

and give Caliente' their back-to-back title. 

Chris McNish and Robert Johnson. Rude (purls was led by Javon Times 

and Charles Rock. Caliente' is the two-time women's champions of O.C. 

If they win a third, will they be classified as a dynasty? 

The guys game came down to Faculty & Staff and Dynasty II. Old school versus New School. It 

At halftime it was a zero score shortly into the second half. Faculty & Staff scored first with a toi ichdown 

in double coverage. Finally Dynasty scored, but failed to make the two point conversion so the 

To all the teams for next season - STEP UP YOUR GAME!!! We shall see who takes the title 
,another thing to remember: don't let the referee determine the game for you. Go out and play 
to do to win. 

Congratulations to all the teams that played and a special congratulations to FACULTY & ^TAFF - your 2006 Football 
Intramural Champs! ! 

-Solomon Matheka 

was mostly a defensive game 
strike to Mike Brady 
score was 8-6. 

from the seasoned vets. Also 
hkd and just do what you need 


^^^c --^ 



^M ™^^^W 






' ■ ■:.«"»:: 



78 Sports 




•••• •••• •••• 

• ••• 

• ••• 


■ i :f**Ja» 








TheOC 79 

2006-2007 Volleyball 

An Oakwood Revival! 

# Name 

Melanie Tyson 

3 Cherie Miller 

4 Jessica Fowler 

5 Stacey McLea 

6 Crystalia Grando 

7 Adanna James 

8 Soraya Jean-Pierre 
12 Chelsea Burrows 

22 Martina McGhee 

23 Elsie Tucker 

25 Morgan McGhee 

26 Bethanie Simmons 
28 Delaverne 

32 Devin Jefferies 

33 Kristena Massiah 

34 Jasmine Dickerson 
Coaches: Hillis Jefferies and 

Volleyball Team Roster 


Terrence Peiters 




Setter/ hitter 

Power Hitter 

Middle Hitter 












Home State 



New York 




New York 












TheOC 81 



Student ActivitiesAJSM Events 

\ k 




Student ActMties/USM Events 

TheOC 85 

86 Student ActivitiesAJSM Events 

The 2007 Miss United Negro College Fund 

Coronation showcased five beautiful and 

sophisticated young women. 

The evening' s presentations, poetry, 

songs, and expressions reminded us of the 

importance of the UNCF's motto: 

"A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste.'' 

Thank you Oakwood College 2007 Miss UNCF 

contestants for showing us that 

S.JL^i J. 




Lavonna Delicia Connell, a sophomore psychology and 
Spanish double major from Houston, Texas, ran for Miss 
UNCF because she knew she could "make a small contri- 
bution to someone else 's education " and that it would be 
a "rewarding and satisfying" experience. When Lavonna 
becomes a psychologist, she wants to give children and 
their families hope for the future and give young minds the 
self-esteem and assurance they need to live better lives. 

The United Negro College Fund is important to Lavonna 
because "a mind is a terrible thing to waste. " 

Alexis Karyn Christian, a sophomore elementary educa- 
tion major from Orlando, Florida, ran for Miss UNCF 
because she wanted to "make a difference, specifically in 
the lives of young Black students. " Alexis wants to pro- 
vide the children of her future classroom, especially the 
young girls, an African-American role model whom they 
can emulate. 

The United Negro College Fund means very much to 
Alexis because, without it, some African-American stu- 
dents would not be able to further their education. 

Whitnei Kristen Johnson, a junior elementary education 
major from Chicago, Illinois, ran for Miss UNCF because 
she wants to "make a difference by helping other minor- 
ity students" and to "make [their] dreams of a college 
education come true. " 

The United Negro College Fund holds a special place in 
Whitnei 's heart because it helps students who have lost 
all hope to realize their dreams of higher education. 

NkeirukaUmez, ajunwrmology education rnajorpvm 
Abia State, Nigeria, ran for Miss UNCF because "not 
all worthy young people are granted the opportunity to 
pursue higher education simply because they lack [the] 
proper funds to do so. " Nkeiruka wants to instill the 
belief that "education is truly the key to success" in the 
minds of her future students. 

The United Negro College Fund is a major contributor to 
education, which Nkeiruka believes is the foundation of 
the African-American community. 


Student ActMties/USM Events 

Miss UNCF 2007 is Rayna Jacqueline 
Rahming. Rayna is a senior marketing 
and Spanish double major from Orlando, 
Florida. Rayna looks forward to pursuing a 
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
degree in international management. 

Rayna 's thoughts on the UNCF: 

"I feel that aiding the growth and develop- 
ment of the United Negro College Fund is 
a way of giving thanks to those who have 
provided support to the UNCF in the past. " 

Rayna 's thoughts on the Miss UNCF Pag- 

"Participating in this year's Miss UNCF 
Oakwood College pageant [gave] me the 
opportunity to contribute to making some- 
one else 's college experience as priceless to 
them as mine has been to me. " 

Alexis Christian - Taylor 
Other Photos - Willacy 

The OC 89 


Photos: Weech 

90 Student Activities/USM Events 




















^ 1 








^T . 1 


W V 





TheOC 9i 

bw^^^ ^^:^U4 

Sonja Artis, a Brooklyn, New York native, is the eldest of two 
children born to Ms. Sudie Artis. A senior Biology major, 
Sonja plans to be a doctor because of her love for God and 
service to others. Sonja is involved in several organizations 
on campus, including: GAME, OBMA, NAPS, and the Ecology 

Sonja' s original style made her presentation of "All Hail the 
Black Queen" and "Black Queen" entertaining and inspiring. 
Sonja' s essay earned her mother the "Mother of the Year" 
award. Sonja' s camera-ready smile earned her "Miss Photo- 
genic. " 

Ayanda Chakawa is originally from Zimbabwe, but presently 
resides in British Columbia. Ayanda means "an abundance of 
girls. " A junior Psychology major, she plans to attend gradu- 
ate school to complete a joint masters and doctoral degree in 
Developmental Psychology. Her ultimate goal is to become a 
Child Psychologist and be a positive influence to future gen- 

Ayanda played an energetic piano medley of three pieces - 
"Lord We Lift Your Name on High, " "Shine Jesus Shine, " and 
"Great is the Lord. " 

Nicole Julius is a true native ofHuntsville, Alabama, where 
she currently lives. A senior double major, she will graduate 
with degrees in both Spanish and English/Professional Writ- 
ing. Nicole 's plans include law school where she plans to study 
International Law for Human Rights. 

Nicole used all her talents - vocal, performing, linguistic - to 
wow the audience with her monologue "The Show Must Go 


Photos: S & S Photography 

92 Student Activities/USM Events 

Natalie King, of Huntsville, Alabama, also embraces her West 
Indian roots. A senior Biology major, Natalie is looking for- 
ward to attending graduate school for a Ph.D. in Criminal 
Justice with a Forensic Science emphasis. Natalie is very ac- 
tive on campus - she 's a GAME co-founder and a member of 
RISE-I-C ARE and Alpha Chi Honor Society. 

Natalie showcased the several dresses from her (future) design 
company Dolce. The dresses were made from unique materials, 
including a dress made of men's neck ties. 

Lynae Turner hails from Sarasota, Florida. A sophomore 
double major, Lynae is working on degrees in both Marketing 
and Public Relations. Her future plans include masters and 
doctoral degrees in Business Administration. 

Lynae performed a flute medley comprised of "Summertime, " 
"My Funny Valentine, " and "Someone to Watch Over Me. " 
that was accompanied by a slide presentation of some of Amer- 
ica 's greatest black-female icons. Lynae 's magnetic personal- 
ity garnered her the "Miss Congeniality " award. 

Lauren Wright was bom in Cleveland, Ohio. Lauren means 
"crowned with laurels. " A sophomore Vocal Performance 
and Pedagogy major, Lauren aspires to higher education and 
a career in Opera and on Broadway. She also wants to open 
the first SDA performing arts boarding school for inner-city 

Lauren graced the audience with a French solo entitled Fleur 
de Sfeche. 

^£txff^^^^i ^4<^^A€ 

Turner's Photo: Weech 

The OC 93 

Photos: Weech 

94 Student Activities/USM Events 


The night of the pageant was cold and rainy, but it was beautiful 
to me. Months of training came down to one night which passed 
in what felt like minutes. My name was called, the crowd was 
cheering, and the crown was beautiful; my roses were too. Still in 
a state of shock, I took my place on the throne. The glory of that 
night was undeniably amazing; however, that night to me was the 
beginning of something much greater. I had become a part of a 
great legacy of beautiful, graceful, intelligent, Godfearing women 
of Oakwood College. That night I was given the privilege of being 
an example of what this fine institution nurtures and produces; 
and so I bear the crown with complete humility and respect. One 
of the greatest opportunities for any individual is to be apart of 
something greater than oneself. I am delighted to hold the title of 
Miss Oakwood 2007 and will always treasure it. 

This goal would never have been accomplished if I succumbed to 
my initial feelings of fear and intimidation. Therefore, I encourage 
all of the men and women of Oakwood to never allow the fear of 
failure to deter you from any good thing. I also want to remind you 
to never allow the intimidation of the responsibilities of success 
stop you either. God's will for our lives is much greater than we 
could ever imagine; we must have faith and boldly follow Him 
and His master plan for our lives. I have come to realize through 
this pageant and other experiences that things will very rarely go 
exactly as planned; nevertheless, "The show must go on, " and 
we must keep our heads held high as we push through toward 

I would like to thank my parents Edmund and Averil Julius for 
their continued support and encouragement. I also thank the 
incredible team of coordinators who continue to make the pageant 
such a success. Your tireless effort is greatly appreciated. And to 
the beautiful and talented contestants: I will always cherish the 
sorority that we developed during the pageant; it is my hope that it 
will alwiays continue. 


The DC 


There are many won- 
derful regions in North Amer- 
ica. There's the West, South, 
Midwest, etc. All of them 
nice places, but honestly, 
none really compare to the 
North. With amazing states 
and cities such as Maryland, 
Washington, D.C., Pennsyl- 
vania, New York, and Toron- 
to, how can one argue? The 
NOrtrtsTliore than just a sec- 
tion of a country or continent: 
It is a culture, a lifestyle all to 
its own. Kfow there is nothing 
wrong with southern hospital- 
ity or surfing in the Pacific, 
but until you have fully ex- 
perienced the North you have 
yet to liw. With places like 
the Na^^n's Capitol or the 

have to wonder. 
It must be a crime to live into 
your twenties before you see 
real snow. 

How can you really appreci- 
ate a spring day when that is 
all you see? 

Must everyone say "Hi" 
to you on the streets down 

Does it honestly make sense 
to live in a place where you 
have to calculate when your 
show really comes on because 
the country is rightfully run 
on Eastern Stand Time? 
It is questions like these and 
many more that plague us 
Northerners. There are many 
different places to live in life, 
but none are like the North. 

Student ActivMes/USM Events 

TheOC 97 

It takes a special breed of individuals to 

work at ThtOC. 
One must be: 







We are privileged that our 

Campus Leaders 

display all these characteristics and more. 

They have that little something ^'extra. " 

It can 't be defined, but it defines them. 

That ^^ extra" is what makes our 

Campus Leaders so phenomenal. 


Campus Leaders 

Campus Leaders 


"7(^5, iY does take a special breed to work at Oakwood College. The three P's is the 
simplest way to describe what it takes: 



Perspective of Christ " 

- Karen Anderson 

TheOC 99 

Kasha Robinson 

Religious VP.- 

Kathryn McNorton 

Academic V.P.- 
Marcia Jackson 

iTie UrdtGd 


President's Message: 

I am excited and honored to be able to serve 
as your United Student Movement (USM) Presi- 
dent. The USM organization is here to assist you 
in maximizing your 'Oakwood Experience.' If you 
need academic support, spiritual mentoring, or ac- 
cess to various recreational and campus resources, 
the officers of USM will be more than willing to 
assist you with what ever you need. From the dorm 
to the cafeteria, to your classes and beyond, the 
USM Cabinet is uniquely equipped for serving you. 
The Executive Cabinet and Senate are comprised 
of students who understand the many ins and 
outs, ups and downs, of college, and want to help 
you succeed both while you are here and after you 

Please keep myself, as well as the Cabinet, in 
your prayers, and let us allow God to do spectacular 
things for Oakwood College this year! Let us work 
together to restore the Power of God, the student's 
voice, and academic excellence to Oakwood Col- 
lege. Additionally, have fun and feel free to ap- 
proach me with your questions and concerns. 


Kasha L. Robinson 

2006-2007 U.S.M. President 

Executive V.P. 
Joshua Nelson 

Social V.R- 
D'Andria Anderson 

Financial V.P.- 
Julius Everett 

Acorn Editor- 
Joy Anderson 

Spreading Oak Editor- 
Michael Vance 

P.R. Coordinator- 
John Stewart 

Executive Secretary- 
Marc Nixon 

Photos: Taylor 
The OC 101 

President's Message 

Greetings. We thank God, the faculty, 
staff, and our students for another dynamic 
year. It is amazing that each year that rolls 
around, God brings capable, qualified, gifted 
students to our campus. You tmly are the 
reason why Oakwood College exists. 

Oakwood is a very special place. As 
a result of the transition process and the 
magic of the Oakwood College experience, 
students are transformed into, and graduate 
as promising, Christian professionals. We are 
proud of you, our students. We are proud o ' 
each graduate. 

Two things come to mind as 1 think 
about highlights this year and about what 
symbolizes the essence of Oakwood College. 
One is the Eternal Flame located in front 
of the Eva B. Dykes library, erected by the 
Classes of 2002 and 2005. It symbolizes 
the legacy of Christian education that is 
empowered by the Holy Spirit at Oakwood 
College and passed from one generation o' 
students to the next. 

The second sits directly to the south in 
the midst of Centennial Plaza, the Monument 
to Service. This work of art is a 24-7-365 
witness that powerfully illustrates the mission 
of Oakwood College to prepare leaders in 
service for God and humanity. 

It is my desire that these two symbols 
will always remain with our students to live 
out the Ctakwood College aim of Education, 
Excellence, Eternity. 

Very sincerely, 

DelbertW. Baker, Ph.D. 


102 Campus Leaders 

"As a result of the transition 
process and the magic of the 
Oakwood College experience, 
students are transformed.." 



^ V^^HIfHHHiii 

^Hr ^« 

X ^ 


w ^^ 



. .>"'' ^. "^^^H 

John Anderson 
V.P. of Academic Affairs 

Dedrick Blue 
V.P. of Student Services 

Sabrina Cotton 
V.P. of Financial Affairs 

Jacqueline Gates 
V.P. of Advancement & Development 

Mervyn Warren 

The OC 103 

Collins Alexander 

Karen Anderson 

Vemessa Armour 

Bennye Armstrong 

George Ashley 

Flore Aubry Hamilton 

Caliste Auguste 

Enoch Baker 

"~~ Susan Baker 

Patricia Barnes 

Jorge Bartholomew 

— Finbar Benjamin 

David Blay 

Tanya Bowman 

Mavis Braxton 

Gloria Brooks 

Martha Brouse 

Wayne Bucknor 

Curtis Burns 

James Burtler 

Leah Caldwell 

Durand Carrington f 

Roengsak Cartwright 

Audley Chambers 

Hannah Chambers 

104 Campus Leaders 

Emmanuel Chester 
Angelique Clay 
Carlos Cole 
Patrice Conwell 
Pamela Cook 

Lucy Cort 
Sherman Cox 
Norman Crarey 
Edna Dailey 
Cecily Daly 

Oliver Davis 
Pamela Davis 
Ruth Davis 

Cassandra DeCoux 
Isadora DeSouza 

Minneola Dixon 
Kathleen Dobbins 
Cynthia Douglas 
Juliet Durant 
^ Arlene Edwards 

Robert Engram 
Ingrid Enniss 
Denise Finley 
Helen Fischle 
Tiaja Fletcher 



Flora Flood 

Edith Fraser 

Trevor Fraser 

Cheryl Galley 

. Sylvia Germany 

Melodie Gibson 

Elaine Gray 

Alfonzo Greene 

Ethel Griffin 

Safawo Gullo 

James Hamer 

Teny Hamilton 

Loma Harrigan 

Mary Hemingway 

Earl Henry 

Pamela Henry 

James Hill 

Ramona Hyman 

Morris Iheanacho 

Shirley Iheanacho 

Elaine Isacc 

Annette Jenkins 

Joseph Jeries 

Jeffrey Johnson 

-Paulette Johnson 

106 Campus Leaders 


Raymond Johnson 
Trevor Johnson 
Roosevelt Jones III 
Jody Jones 
Hellen Kessio ~ 

Japeth Kessio 
Sung Jun Kim 
Raymond King 
Matthew Kirby 
Lucile Lacy 

Jean LaiHing 
Kenneth LaiHing" 
Henrietta Lathon 
George Lee 
Delmar Lovejoy 

Risa Lowery 
Dorcas Lubega 
Joanna Mack 
Kyle Mackey 
Doris Manning Collie 

Florence Marchand 
Adrienne Matthews 
Charles May 
Mukesha Mbuauje 
Stella Mbyirukira 

'' I . 'M 



Doris McCrary 

Lori Meikle 

Wilson Miles 

Vicrtoria Miller 

Gracie Monroe 

Carol Moore 

Craig Newborn 

Janis Newborn 

Belita Newby 

Bemell Newman 

Philip Nixon 

— Isaac Olatunji 

Darayas Patel 

Havovi Patel 

Christopher Perry 


Janet Poles 

Darlene Richardson 

Shaunda Roach 

Everett Roper 

Agniel Samson 

Marie Jose Loty Samson 

Julie Anne Satterfield 

David Sedlacek 

Genet Selassie 

Moges Selassie 

108 Campus Leaders 

Giro Sepulveda 
Gloria Sepulveda 
Howard Shaw 
'^i Diann Small 
Karen Smith 

ML m 

Reginald Smith 
Shushannah Smith 
Gecil Spence 
Fred Stennis 
Barbara Stovall 

Robin Taylor 
Gharles Turner - 
Jeannie Watkins 
Joan Weekes 
Howard Weems 

Rehanna Whatley 
Sherita Moes Whitlow 
Dana Williams 
Joyce Wilhams 
Rachel Williams 

Jillian Wills 
Paula Wilson 
Arlene Wimbley 
Deril Wood 
Tara Young ___ 



'If we could sell our experiences for what they were worth, we'd be millionaires. " 

-Abigail Van Buren 

We all believe that the memo- 
ries we form here at Oakwood College 
are priceless and couldn't be duplicated 
anywhere else; but, it would be biased 
to say that the students are the only 
persons who create lasting memories 
here on this campus. Professors, along 
with students, work in creating memo- 
ries that all can hold onto for years. Do 
you think that you are the only one who 
enjoys thought-provoking classroom 
discussions or watching creative group 
projects? Think again! 

Professors from various depart- 
ments on campus were asked to share 
their most memorable experiences. Matheka 

Each teacher gave a similar initial response. First, they each looked at me and smiled; then, each took a deep breath and 
asked, "Just one, I have so many!" Professors actually enjoy teaching us. They hold on to experiences (like we do) and create 
lasting memories from them. 

Mrs. Patricia Conwell, a professor in the Department of Communications & Art, says her most memorable experience 
was her 2003 Mass Communication in Society class. She says, "It was a class where students were enthusiastically involved 
in discussion and participation. They were very interested in the material and excited about the class. There was just never 
a dull moment!" 

Professors actually enjoy teaching us.... 

110 Campus Leaders 

Dr. Trevor Fraser, a professor in the Department of Religion and Theology, 
says, "My best experiences have been when students were creative in designing 
their presentations given to the class. One student developed a puppet show to 
describe the discipline that they were dealing with. Another student recorded a 
video tape to describe a type of service. He went out to a bridge where local home- 
less people hung out and video taped his time spent with them. He fed them and 
provided other forms of community service. He brought the video tape back and 
showed it to the class. He took a critical form of service and made it real." 


Professor Michael Sales from the Department of Business & Information 

: Systems, says, "My most memorable experience was v\ hen some of 
my former students produced some radio ads for OC Daddy Soup. This 
showed great creativity and I was glad that I influenced the kids to build 
pn their creative juices." 

Professors love this campus and love creating mem mes with the 
students. For all those students who take their professors for granted-- 
know that they are here because they want to be here anc they want to 
help you succeed. If you have not already started creating memories, 
why not embrace your OC experience and join our teachers in creating 

^^|^^|B«yta*W;i^awwwi ji6i i W ii ^g^ 

memories that will last a lifetime. 

- Whitney Allen 





Go on over there 
To that cemetery 

The living folk decided they was going to do something 

To pay respect" 
f To let the self within know the 

And you'll find the graveyard built on the vision of To let the self within ki 

That white woman from Maine and sixty-five oak trees enslaved bones 

The white woman from Main is a prophet (folk say), To sew the lives of them bones in memory 

and in that grave are the bones of the enslaved 
The bones- ain't ratthng no more — they all dead. 

lit a message board out of stone 
some chairs, prettied the place up with 
It is the stories of the enslaved bones black-eyed susans and holly scrubs 

The living folks got to remembering and had one of them old time pray meetings 

Folks got to remembering *- They gathered; it started to rain 

How they had pay only sUght attention As the rain poured down to fertilize the enslaved bones, 

to the enslaved bones They raised a song- 

to the enslaved bones 

Got to remembering real good about 

Dred Scott-He grabbed freedom 

In a place where none was known 

Yeah the folks got to remembering 

Thought about the crab grass growing 

Right on top them bones 

Thought about the stories they left behind 

All them stories just seeding dirt and grass. 

T r*i-„ I : 

In memory of the enslaved bones ^ ^ ;, 
And (maybe) the white woman from Maine 
ji ^ They raised a song. 
(A song) 

DM.O llABfOMA llio IlYMAM 


112 Campus Leaders 

TheOC 113 



Latisha Francis- 

Shurell Knight- 


Secretary and Treasurer 


Chelauna Sterling- 

Public Relations 




Delisa Abednego 

Amber Abemathy 

Daniel Adams 

Samuel Adepoju 

Yarlin Aguy 

Olarike Akande 

Kene Alexander 

Phylicia Alexander 

Phyllis Alexander 

Kerwin Alleyne 

Ray Allister 

Shawanda Amos 

Nichelle Anderson 

Alicia Angrand 

Joshua Anthony 

Gloria Appiah 

Talitha Ashby 

Kezia Atengdem 

Michael Austin 

Alyce Bailey 

Jasmine Bailey 

Keri Barnes 

Tatiana Barnes 

Sylvia Bateganya 

Omari Battles 

Conrad Benjamin 

Erin Bennett 

Tori Bennett 

Toya Bennett 

Phylicia Berrien 

Talia Berryhill 

Sandra Bertil 

Nacola Blackett 

Priscilla Blackett 

Topaz Blair 

Kamryn Bonds 

Kerayl Bonner 

Jamal Boone 

Brittany Boucard 

Marlon Boucard 

Brittany Bowers 

Aleah Bowie 

Daniel Boynton 

Steve Bramwell 

Sarai Brodie 

Aurielle Brooks 

Brandon Broome 

Bonnie Brown 



The Freshman Year 


Shannah Brown 
Marisa Browne 
Lindsey Bryant 
Taja Bryson 
Rashad Burden 
Teri Burgan 

Erynn Burks 
Julian Burley 
Lerissa Bums 
Avemell Burris 
Ronaid Bushner 
Ashley Butler 

Mishay Butler 
Zuri Butler 
Kymberly Byrd 
Sander Cameau 
Cherisse Campbell 
Michelle Cann 

Eugene Carolus 
Rachel Carr 
Rhyanne Carrington 
Ewart Carter 
Elizabeth Cesar 
Teny Cesar 

Andrae Chambers 
Dwane Charles 
Jennifer Charles 
Melody Cherfils 
Andrew Christopher 
Sarai Cisneros 

Adam Claibon 
Jonathan Clery 
Dominque Coleman 
Brittany Cooper 
Ryan Coopwood 
Sasha Corbin 

Glenda Covington 
David Cox 
Marline Damas 
Courtney Daniels 
Adeola Daniyan 
Tracy Danvers 

Marlon Davis 
Rodney Davis 
Rebecca Dawkins 
Vannessa Dawkins 
Gregory Dawson 
Swain Dennis 

TheOC 117 

Darlene Desinor 

Philiouse Desir 

Donielle Dixon 

Victoria Dolland 

Thomia Donley 

Lindsay Dorzilme 

Sharona Drake 

Dessica Duncan 

Chadeesia Dunkley 

Rodney Dyson 
Courtney Easter 
Ashley Eddings 

Audrey Edwards 

Brittany Edwards 

Comfort Emelike 

Adlere Etienne 

Delisa Farquharson 

Kenda Fields 

Shaniqua Fields 

Sacha Fils 

Morgan Finklea 

David Fisher 

Jamie Fitzgerald 

Shanae Ford 

Junie Fortune 

Justin Foster 

Jessica Fowler 

Jason Francis 

Theresa Francis 

Lamont Eraser 

Michael Eraser 

Cheri Freeman 

Stephanie Freeman 

Valerie Freeman 

Brittany Gaines 

Joseph Gaiter 

Jasmine Gallon 
Adley Galumette 

Jerome Gamble 

Laurie Gardiner 
Elizabeth Gatling 

Louise Gedeon 

Abdele George 

Janea George 

Dishon Gibson Green 

Monica Gilmore 

Phylicia Godfrey 

Brittany Goins 


The Freshman Year 

Kristen Gordon 
Shenicka Gordon 
Amanda Graham 
Crystalia Grande 
Monique Grant — 
Ashley Graves 

Melinda Graves 
Dam i an Gray 
Richard Gray 
Morgan Green 
Tessa Greenaway 
Stephen Groce 

Douglas Groom 
Tiffany Hall 
Brittaney Halley 
Yolanda Halyard 
Melanie Hampton 
Courtney Hannum 

Brittani Harris 
Debbra-ann Harris 
Diamond Harris 
Janell Harris 
Lauren Harris 
Latoya Harrison 

Evem Harvey 
Shannin Hatch 
Shaina Hawkins 
Reveme Hazelwood 
Stewart Henry 
Peter Hester 

Janiel Hibbler 
Joy Hodges 
Cierra Holdipp 
Joseph Holland 
Tmara Howard 
Justin Hudson 

Kara Hunter 
Isaac Ibarra 
Mark Irby 
Jonathan Isaac 
Graciannie Israel 
Alexander Jackson 

Danielle Jackson 
Dwayne Jackson 
Ryan Jackson 
Joshua James 
Marcus James 
Eduardo Jamez 

TheCC 119 

Soraya Jean-pierre 

Jerven Jeffers 

Jasmine Jenkins 

Arthur Jennings 

Auldwin Johnson 

Cherelle Johnson 

Glacier Johnson 

Jonathan Johnson 

Krystal Johnson 

Michael Johnson 

Adrienne Jones 

Ariel Jones 

Charles Jones 

Jasmin Jones 

Sheldon Jones 

Dominique Jordan 
Jontae Jordan 

Anna-May Joseph 

Xavier Joseph 

Susan Josue 

Erin Joyner 

Fabeola Kamara 

Randy King 

Tristan Kirnon 

Kristen Knight 

Toson Knight 

Michael Laborde 

Dandre Langford 

Evelyna Laurie 

Sa-lana Ledford 

Reginald Lee 

Patricia Lesane 

Ayesha Lewis 

Altasha Liburd 

Marc Lightford 

Derek Long 

Joelie Louis 

Dennell Lowe 

Lakeisha Lowe 

Michelle Lumbard 

Myla Mann 

Atsar Martin 

Markus Mason 

Javonna Matthews 

Simeon Maycock 

Eric Mccrary 

Jasmine Mcdaniel 

Constance Mcgee 



The Freshman Year 

Morgan Mcghee 
Ricardo Mcginnis 
Loreal Mcinnes 
Stacey Mclea 
Orchadia Mclean 
Taniel Mcmickens 

Raquel Mcneil 
Shawna Meade 
Kortez Mebane 
Mylon Medley 
Erla Merelan 
Justin Mickens 

Nichole Miles 
Alfred Miller 
Damarrus Miller 
Jerome Miller Whyte 
Suzette Millington 
Aaron Mills 

Smith Mills 
Yasmine Minnifield 
Daniel Bedney 
Charles Mitchell 
Korinne Mitchell 
Noel Mitchell 

Thea Mitchell 
Takudzwa Mkorombindo 
Jacquece Moore 
John Moore 
Rena Marie Moore 
Adrian Moreland 

Marshall Moss 
Colleen Myles 
Amanda Nelson 
Britney Nelson 
Jason Nicks 
Nnamdi Nnanji 

Pierre Omeler 
Ikenna Oputa 
Desmond Paramore 
Jeffery Pascal 
Kia Patterson 
Shayla Pedersen Buck 

Nicole Peeler 
Arietta Penick 
David Perkins 
Constance Phillips 
Nadisha Pinkney 
Alvin Pitman 



Ashley Plummer 

Clausyl Plummer 

Katina Foe 

Veronica Polk 

Robert Pressley 

Jason Primus 

Andrea Providence 

Melissa Ramsey 

George Ray 

Austin Reed 

Sheria Reeves 

EiTol Reid 

Lindsey Reid 

Jerry Remy 

Tamara Richards 

Timothy Richards 

Marquita Richardson 

Robert Richardson 

Rodney Richardson 

Kellee Robertson 

Jimmie Rogers 

Isaiah Rolle 

Amanda Roseborough 

Dontrice Ross 

Donnette Roston 

Jesse Rugless 

Michael Saint Vil 

Fabienne Samedi 

Daryl Sanders 

Joel Sandy 

Shanita Scotland 

Reeka-lynn Selman 

Jeremy Sepolen 

Meghann Sharpe 

Michelle Shaw 

Dayveon Shawver 

Lauren Shephard 

Terrence Shields 

Marrico Shropshire 

Kimberley Sibanda 

Raynisha Simmons 

Kristen Small 

Joshua Smalley 

Dione Smith 

Duhmad Smith 

Lillian Smith 

Raquel Smith 

Richard Smith 


The Freshman Year 

Shavavian Smith 
Keri Snelling 
Jared Snipes 
Nikka Sorrells 
Jessica Spearman 
Veronee Spence 

Cherie St Bernard 
Maurice Staple 
Megan Starks 
Chelauna Sterling 
Hazel Sterling 
Jared Stewart 

Roshelle Stewart 
Christia Swan 
Ashley Sylvester 
Bryant Sylvester 
Tiffany Tapp 
Brandi Taylor 

Wayne Taylor 
Kareem Telesford 
Alicia Thomas 
Christen Thomas 
Erica Thomas 
Nancy Thomas 

Renaee Thompson 
Corey Todd 
Cynthia Todd 
David Toney 
Jillian Toney 
Peggy Toole 

Twyler Terrain 
Teresa Trammell 
Anitoinette Truitt 
Antoinette Truitt 
Hadassah Tucker 
Andree Turner 

Melanie Tyson 
Christopher Umbles 
Yulonda Underwood 
Joshua Usher 
Edward Valentin 
Khyrista Valentine 

Calvin Vance 
Simone Vance 
Janae Varnado 
Robert Vulcano 
David Wade 
Shane Walcott 



Ashley Walker 
Lakesy Walker 
Heather Walker-vulcano 
Danielle Ware 
Timothy Ware 
Ross Warner 

Kaisha Washington 

Corey Watson 

Shere Ann Weaver 

Christopher Webson 

Ashlee Wells-hawthorne 

Justin White 

Lakeshia White 

Stacia Whittaker 

Timothy Whonder 

Ashley Wilhite 

Dayna Wilhite 

Brianna Williams 

Christal Williams 

Elizabeth Williams 

Jamie Williams 

Natalie Williams 

Roger Williams 

Steve Williams 

Cory Williamson 

Evan Willis 

John Willis 

Jessica Wilson 

Martenia Wommack 

Marie Woodson 

Stephanie Woodson 

Aleya Word 

Alison Wright 

Angela Wynn 

Alina Xicotencatl 

Toinee Yanell 

Brandon Young 
Darrius Zackery 


The Freshman Year 

WUat i 


Tcwyxc^awo Are, ~ 


"The East vs. West 
Basketball Game." 

"Singing in the 
Freshman Concert. 

vv Hal 

da s/au lil^e. 
mhoui OCT 

The spiritual 

The people. 

Ja^v>moe, GaWov^ ^ 'B'to\octsy A<Ae,o\a "Dav^w/av^ - Mur«e»iio<:» 

WUaT wa^ vc^ur wxo^i e.vy\\oarra^^iu^ci 



\Aorcia\r\ Pii/iWlca ^ 



'Getting my arm stuck in the 
vending machine." 

'Falling out of the window 
in Carter Hall." 





I -s -. .. ■ ■11 1 . .mil ■ iiii iMBMiiim 'iii MW LJ iBWiiiii i iii^ i 'j&jmsmKmmmmmmmmL. mmmmmmmmmmmms mmm^ 

I've Ikd to myself, refused Your help and yet 

You ajwe me hreath, when I deserve death so let 

Me give You fraise, for ciSi my days, I will Lord 

Ijft my hands to the sfcy, then live and die, In/ Your Sword 

bAy flesh b weak so Til condrme to seek, Your will only 

Will I fulfill Your Son closed the deal on a cross so lonely 

He hied and died, hut He did rise, three da'^s later 

■From the tomh, Satan and his pons, couU not hold the Savior 

'Yes ym fknned it, hut we take it for granted, forgive us phase 

So if ever we fail remind us of the nails, and of Calvary 

I know it hurts Your heart, when ever we start, to fall into sin 

And teiuftation, forget our relations, and that it's You who's gonna win 

When frohation closes, and everyone supfoses, they'll make it in 

T here'll he lots of weeping, and eternal sleeping, for those who p-e tend 

Mid plaij church, ijoii'll get \jour feelings hurt, when Christ to n iurns 

Tb get His reserves, you're supposed to depart to serve, ha mi depart to hum 

How much did it do, how much did it cost you, hut you rejnain the same 

V^hen it's your turn, to enter to learn, hut you enter to complair 

Ahout the smallest things, the way the doors swings, and eve-ytling eise 

Who's gonna take the time, to hear you whine, if you don't help yourself 

Become the Christian, who watches what they Ibten, and what t ley say 

To everyhody, the clothes the put on their hody, and where tl ey lay 

You know what I mean, I'm perfect hj no means, and would refise to 

Oije^ the ruks, or not act a fool, hut that's when I used to 

hie to myself refuse Your help hut yet 

You gave me hreath, when I deserved death so let 

Me give you praise, for all my days, 1 will Lord 

iLift my hands to the sky, then live and die, |)\| Your Swojd^^ 

Traven Brvant 



The Freshman Year 

lare given so mamj (hnces | 
.'e in truth or accept the poiscm 
J..Ues that parents and fuUic schools h 
Instead of taking the sugar coating ojfofl 
The]j ruin our trust and deteriorate our st 


Then we hme ike choice whether to live or nop 
|is life realbjfmrth keeping up? 

not to see another daxj 

And ijet it's a God qiven gift, a privilege 

We are all blessed at birth, we are all Gods children 

So wliij do some of us choose to surrender unto death 

whj do we choose to exhale our last breath 

We also have the choice to he ignorant individua 

Evenjdaxj coming home to emptxj hoi^s 

Or we canfinalhj come together as a team 

to learn that when one man dies, we cdl bleed 

So much pain and confusion in the I ves we lead 

When it takes death to realize this world's greed. 

The government only wanting more 

And more for them is life and destruction a us 

BaHes d^flng before their bom 

Fredisposed choices is all we are left with 

Leaving us to guns and drugs as our last hit 

So will xjou see truth or listen to the poison's voice 

That's \jour last one to make 

The OC 127 

128 The Freshman Year 

The OC 129 


The Sophomore Year 



Victor Acquah 

Matthew Adams 

Enoch Adu 

Ashley Akubuiro 

Anesthasia AH 

Ada Anderson 

Bianca Andrews 

Sanique Antonio 

Martha Augustin 

Gilbert Awah 

Nathanael Baker 
Neko Baker 

Lydia Ballard 
Dennis Baptiste 

Drake Barber 

Bianca Barreiro 

Katrina Barry 

Tiffany Beale 

Kamaria Beckley 

Alamnish Bennett 

Abigail Bernard 

Landon Bertram 

Matthew Biddy 

Ronika Billingsley 

Natasha Black 

132 The Sophomore Year 

^^ ^1 

Jabari Blackmon 
Taylor Bowens 
Mathias Broden 
Ashley Brown 
Bronson Brown 

Denesha Brown 
Leon Bryant 
Jessica Bums 
Chelsea Burrows 
Rupert Bushner 

Brandon Butler 
Danielle Byrd 
Deadra Caleb 
Katherine Camel 
Lyneka Camel 

Lyteka Camel 
Amanda Campbell 
Eric Cantrell 
Crystal Can- 
Holly Carrell 

Janeil Carrington 
Tiffany Carter 
Edward Cartwright 
Ayanda Chakawa 
Henry Chaney 



Melissa Charles 

Christina Cherry 

Alexis Christian 

Teva Clisby 

Mircha Colin 

Lavonna Connell 
Kendall Coopwood 

Raquel Cornwall 

Jessica Cort-shand 

Brandon Crarey 

Kyle Crawford 
i Jessica Dade 

Carolean Daney 
Ashley Daniels 

Candace Darrell 

Chanel Davis 

Taj Davis 

Nicardo Delahaye 

Cynthia Delva 

Ignace Desinor 

Christopher Dickerson 

Takara Dill 

Jacquelyn Doggette 

Michael Drakes 

Christina Dykes 

134 The Sophomore Year 

«« «i^ A'%'/^^iras s^Ki^a*^ '\ 


!^5«^a«!SfPsysa» ^-w*^^' ^*»;^^!S»pws^«&'S*^''^^1i 

Justin Eakins — 
Joyce Ebere 
Aryn Eddings 
Desiree Edwards 
Shakir Edwards 

Daniel Ellis 
Carla Ephraim 
Fresnel Fanfan 
Joseph Fas sett 
Kenol Felix 

Kelly Fielder 
Christopher Flowers 
Andrea Fluence 
Judeth Fortune 
Kesha Fortune 

Brian Foster 
Sophia Francis 
Trudy Ann Frazer 
Anthony Fuller 
Cameron FuUwood 

Elita Green 
Demetrius Hall 
Jenna Halsell 
Natasha Harden 
Kristina Harper-fuller 



Ashley Harris 

Brenton Harrison 

Destiny Harvey 

Rose Hatten 

Revanna Hazelwood 

David Hill 

Michael Hiller 

Tiffany Hinds 

Ronnie Hobson 

Keevon Holdipp 

Chya Holland 

Rhonda Holloway 

Chadwick Holman 

Geneva Horton 

Paulet Howard 

Joshua Humphrey 

Carolyn Hurst 

Vanessa Hussey 

Brittany Jackson 

Eian Jackson 

Erycka Jackson 

Veronica James 

Michael Jasper 

Jennifer Jean-Pierre 

Devin Jefferies 

136 The Sophomore Year 

Malcolm JeSsup 
Courtni Jones 
Erica Jones 
Jewel Jones 
Ayana Joseph 

i Harvey Kennedy 
* David King 

Christelle Kossangba 

Cara Laborde 

Ryan D. Lang — 

Danielle Latouche 
Edryce Lauture 
Jeremy Laws 
Monae Ledbetter 
Bryan Lee 

Christina Legerton 
Anthony Leslie 
Syretta Leslie 
Samantha Lespier 
Tiffany Lewis 

Andria Lindsey- Summers 
Kenneth Little 
Jeff Livingston 
Brandon Lockhart •— 

Lydia London 



Judith Luckett 

Andre Manders 

Algerita Mayberry 

Abraham Mcfarlane 

Raphael Mcintyre 

Errol McKinson 

Olnee McLarty 

Aiesha Miller 

Cherie Miller 

Eric Miller 

Alyssa Minisee 

Rhonda Mitchell 

Michele Monette 

Alyssa Moore 

Brian Moore 

Jared Moore 

Kamilah Moore 

James Morgan 

Sarah Morris 

Sterling Morris 

Kevin Muite 

Jessica Muiphy 

Israel Mutema 

Heather Myles 

Diandre Nelson 

138 The Sophomore Year 

Michele Nelson 
John Nwosu 
Chidozie Nwuju 
Temidayo Ogunrinu 
Jessica Oliver 

Ruthlyn Oliver 
Ricardo Paige 
Antonio Paschal 
Latoya Payne 
Leslie Pelote 

Jamara Pembleton 
Adam Perry 
Ashley Perry 
Terrence Peters 
Ltasha Phillips 

Melissa Phillips 
Geston Pierre 
Monique Renee Pinnock 
Chantel Plante 
Jonathan Polite 

m ' , 

^^■^^ ^'-'^"''mtmt 



Victoria Poole 
Deneil Preston 
Terrell Profitt 
Carlos Ray 
Darryl Reed 



Andrew Reid 

Tiffany Reynolds 

Claudia Richards 

Arielle Richardson 

Kara Richardson 

Angela Rivers 
Marcia Robinson 

Ladonna Ross 

Tessa Ross 

— William Rowe 

Eric Rumph 

Eddie Saylor 

Endia Scott 

April Seay 

Wainger Seymour 

Chaunte Sharperson 

Ralph Shelton 

Teiko Simms 

Dale Simpson 

Brittany Smith 

Edward Smith 

Jacinta Smith 

Stephen Spates 

Michelle Spencer 

Michael Steele 

140 The Sophomore Year 



Ruth Stewart 
Joshua Stockling 
Vaughn Stukes 
Adia Taliaferro 
Britney Taylor 

Timothy Taylor 
Derrick Thomas 
Theron Thomas 
Stephanie Thompson 
Laveme Tom 

Kyiana Tookes-Manninj 
Keldon Toussaint 
Latoya Troupe 
Samone Tucker 
Demia Tunis 

Brittani Turner 
Jasmine Turner 
Jeremy Turner 
Lynae Turner 
Micah Tyler 

Joshua Tyson 
Dennis Washington 
Byron Weaver 
Cyprian Weech ~ 
Jerren Weekes 




142 The Sophomore Year 

^1^ Have- wo 

"I've learned to do 
better in school." 

"Don't procrastinate, 
and read before you 
go to class." 

be. T we.e.Ki Mpw 
aiod Fre.^Viwie.1^ 


"Now, I'm more mature and 
I've learned how to prioritize 

"In Carter, you can't do anything; in 
Wade, there's more freedom." 

H \ 

"One day when I was trying 
to talk to this girl, a chunk of 
food fell out of my mouth!" 

"I was on my way to Biology 

class and I tripped and rolled 

down the stairs." 

The OC 143 


Fooiult a tite gW wfco watcher not wfcat ite rfoe^i 
Wfco pi/ti too mucfc tnmt m Intangibie tking^i 
Wfco^e \{mt IfOA ieen the iine too many tirwe^ 

And kmA ojfi too wdl of tfce limt ache it b;imgi 

Fooiuh a the gW who fcnow^ not of what ihe wanti 
And kmA oni(j of he^ p/reMiy needed need^ 
Who chaiei the d^earru of othe;?^ in hope^ that 
The o/itcowe u that of fai>tj taie^ ^he Ml itmiA 

Tha fboiuh gW actA befb/ie thlnfelng though options ^ 1 
Finding he/ueif In the rnoAt corwpiex .iltuatlonji 
CnkA back to he;» -Angei to fix aii he^ p;robierru 
And then Me/r /lettmi to he/r Mwe oid /lotoKon ^^ 

Even wo;ie, thu koM gW a bilnd to he^ Sao(o;» 

Vj^lmtku in derwandi that wea/r & tm, and b^eafe Ulrw down 

Obiimm to the coxintieii mmdm -He'^ rwade b he/i 
And u destined to be nmoHAdfid when He'i no ionge^ a^oxind 

144 The Sophomore Year 

The OC 145 




The Junior Year 


Vaughn Stukes- 

Tiffany Silvera- 
Asst. Treasurer 

Marcus Moss- 



Meade Adams 

Danielle Alexander 

Junious Alexander 

Kassidy Alexander 

Whitney Allen 

Kimberlee Allers 

Jamie Allicock 

Dierdra Alston 

Effe Lorraine Anderson 

Joy Anderson 

Nicole Anderson 

Tamara Anderson 

Curt Andrews 

Danielle Arceneaux 

Shaaney Arnold 

Tracy Augustin 

Rachel Baker 

Frances Baldwin 

Alana Banks 

Eden Barber 

Christina Barry 

Jason Beale 

Nelson Beato 

Carolynn Bishop 

Keith Bishop 

148 The Junior Year 

Natalie Blake 
Shanta Boles-collins 
Whitney Bowens 
Amber Boyd 
Claudine Brown 

Dakarai Brown 
Kristin Bruce 
Yvette Bryan 
Grafton Burley 
Joy vona Burnett 

Rachelle Cagilus 
Sean Calliard 
Amber Carter 
Amber Carter 
Rhonitta Chance 

Andrew Chung 
Maria Clark 
Darissa CoUins 
Sheilese Combs 
Michael Conner 

Elizabeth Cook 
Kellen Coopwood 
William Cox 
Brian Craig 
Jasmin Cummings 




Kwame Danielson 

Olukayode Dare 

Alphonso Davis 

Jamaine Davis 

Melanie Delaney 

Daniel Downer 

Danielle Dupree 

Ngina Duvra 

Jessica Eliacin 

Reginald Eloi 

Charlesa Embry 

Matthew English 

Stephanie Etienne 

Shellian Evans 

Jasmine Fagan 


Andrew Ford 

Lakicia Foster 

Ra'shonda Foster 

Shane Francis 

Alexandrea Frye 

Danae Gaiter 

Alexander Gayle 

Fareeda Gayle 

Jonathan Gibbons 

■■• ^ ^l 

X- '■'^^ 

150 The Junior Year 

% A; 



Delawno Gooden 
Kamesha Graham 
Leonard Gray 
Carmelita Green 
Jonathan Green 

Latesha Gunn 
Lisa Hall 
Rico Hall 
Nathan Hamilton 
Walter Hardy 

Candeis Harris 
Courtenay Harris 
George Hassell 
Ian Hayes 
Remisha Hazley 

Lezlie Ann Hibbert 
Randa Hibbler 
Nathan Hoi lie 
Lashay HoUinsid 
Melody Hubbard 

Jovania Innocent 
Naomi Israel 
Luram Izquierdo 
Donna Jackson 
Kachiri Jackson 



Jasmine Jacobs 

Leonel Jerome 

Christine Jobson 

Jon Johnson 

Jadrienne Jones 

Asheena Keith 

Krystal Kenner 

Ashley King 

Connor Knapp 

Kevin Lake 

Andrew Lee 

Melissa Lee 

Darell Lennear 

Troy Levy 

Cyrus Lewis 

Michael Lewis 

Mareka Lindo 

Heather Lockett 

Lamont Lockett 

Ryan Lowe 

Shantel Luckett 

Michael Lumbard 

Rahel Lynes 

Buhlebenkosi Mabandla 

Nehemiah Mabry 

152 The Junior Year 

James Maddox 
Kristena Massiah 
Deanna Matthews 
Domonique Mayes 
Kamila Mcclean 

Brittany Mccowan 
Terrell Mccoy 
Chen Mcdole 
Louia Mcdonald 
Martina Mcghee 

Frank Mcginnis 
Juwanza Mcintosh 
Micheil Mciver 
Jessica Mckinnie 
Courtney Mingo 

Kenya Mitchell 
Sasha Mitchell 
Melanie Monette 
Tyrone Montgomery 

Melissa Moore ,_„ 

Jacquece Moss 
Marcus Moss 

Michael Moss 

Anthony Murphy 
Jmikigwe Mwasumbi 

The OC 153 

Shari Myles 

India Nicholas 

Edsen Noel 

Jason O^rourke 

Celeste Omeler 

Lakeshia Oston 

Nathalie Ottley 

Shaun Palmer 

Sherelle Palmer 

Karlyne Paul 

Philande Perceval 

Kanetha Peters 

Gerald Phillips 

Shanika Phillips 

Ewarla Piper 

Karin Pollard 

Leslie Pollock 

Tammy Pondexter 

Meghan Prince 

Evette Reid 

Sonide Remy 

Reyniak Richards 

David Robinson 

Marquita Robinson 

Joel Rohannon 


The Junior Year 

Elsie Romilus 
Jarrett Roseborough 
Carolina Ross 
Elmany Saint-fleur 
Triphose Saintange 

Sherene Samuels 
Mikerl Sartin 
Zachary Saunders 
Erica Scott 
Emily Shay 

Rhonda Simmons 
Theo Simmons 
Sarah Sims 
Melanie Slocumb 
Deveechi Smith 

Domonique Smith 
Jarvis Smith 
Rishee Smith 
Ronald Smith 
Deborah Spates 

Angela Spooner 
Sakina Stevens 
Teremah Stevens 
David Stewart 
John Stewart 



Eric Sumpter 

Jonathan Tankard 

Brittany Taylor 

Christina Thomas 

Sir Thomas 

Caleisha Thompkins 

Danielle Terrain 

Tiffany Turner 

Nkiru Umez 

Sheree Usher 

Alyssa Valcin 

Michael Vance 

Loren Walwyn Tross 

Monica Ward 

Monique Weatherly 

Alecia Webb 

Brandy Whaley 

Robin Whitmore 

Dwayne Wilhite 

Delia Williams 

Gabrielle Williams 
Kyla Williams 

Nicholas Williams 
Stan Williams 
Justin Wilson 


The Junior Year 

Marcus Winkfield 
Vernitra Yountz 



158 The Junior Year 

WUa+' fAcAvic^e. T>o Y^^ Wave. F^r 
Me.w 'S+''^T 

"Find your major now and 
get into it as early as you can 
Then get internships, gain 
experience, and get out." 

Clcve-lavoc^, OViW 

'Tal<e full advantage of your 
freshman year. Have fun and 
all, but remember that your 
main focus is school." 

Mc-llv OTiav^p 








.^- ... 

Gc>al Jio Li-fe.T 

"I like helping people, so I want to 
manage and run my own hospital 

Oa¥-\ay^, Cali-fi 




Your hair is thick 

Just like the air when racism is present, 

choking away life. Filling the lungs with 

second hand injustice, first hand pain. 

Your hair is thick my child 

Just like your grandmother's cornmeal 


Health to your hones 

Strength to your soul 

Your hair is long my child 

Just as long as the road is to true freedom, 

winding, narrow. The road less traveled. 

Your hair is long my child 

Right now it looks like a matted mass of 


But oh, when you add some heat. 

When you add some fire 

When you add a little resistance and 


It becomes straight and long, 

Flowing down pass your shoulders 

Don 7 be afraid of the water my child 

Although when it hits your freshly pressed 

It will eventually coil back up to its original 

Your hair is still long 

Your hair is strong my child 

Just like our African ancestors who 


Pickin dat cotton 

Plantin dat corn 

Sowing those tears 

Your hair is strong 

We struggle after we wash your hair 

Because it's hard to comb 

Yes you 've shed tears 

Because it hurts 

It does 

Just know that life will be full of pain just 

like that 

Pain that you were born with on your head 

Pain that you can't just shave off 

It'll just grow back 

Your hair is thick. 
Your hair is long, 

Your hair is strong 
Your hair is beautiful 

And so are you. 
-Sincerely yo ma 

(^Uufir\i %okon 


The Junior Year 


Senior year is full of unfamiliar feelings 

and experiences - feeling like the oldest 

student at eventSy feeling frustrated 

going to class when senioritis sets in, 

feeling nervous about grad-school and job 


But, even though there may be many 

unfamiliar feelings and experiences, you 

still enjoy The Senior Year because it 

means that in May, you will be 

Done! Finished! A College Graduate! 

Yes, you will miss The O.C. and may even 
attend that first alumni weekend (even 

though you promised you wouldn 't), but 

you 'II be happy moving on to the next 

phase of your life and be very satisfied 

that you 've completed 

The Senior Year. 


The Senior Year 

The Senior Year 



"The interesting thing about life is that it is always changing from moment to moment. You can always expect new 
experiences and challenges that will shape and develop your character. Over the past few years, the senior class 
has made a diligent effort to rise above several challenges such as adjusting to a new environment, making new 
friends, learning new skills, and even beginning jobs. All of these challenges have made the Class of 2007 a focused 
and enlightened group of individuals. These students have arrived at a milestone and now it is time to step out into 
"the real world. " This unfamiliar ground is filled with a plethora of new opportunities and situations that create 
awareness of the society we live in . Many will embark upon the next steps after college which may be: graduate 
school, career, and family. Seniors now have to contemplate and make decisions that will give them a new outlook on 
life and define their future. " 

-Alina Mitchell 
The OC 163 

Joseph Adams 

Tejuniade Adesina 

Alixia Alexis 
Religious Education 

D^aiidria Anderson 

Erik Anderson 


James Anderson 

Kiniberly Anderson 

Leshawn Anderson 
Elementarv Education 

Reginald Anderson Exuni 


iyne Williams 

Andrews Univers 
for Theology anc 
Joshua NelsoiiJ 

Yaffa Andre 

Adrianne Artis 

-o \\ 


Sonja Artis 

Jason Ashford Stacy Lee Ashmeade Hulrick Baptist 

CIS Social Work Social Work 

Kelly Baptist 
English Prof. Writing 

Melanie Beale 

Laurhan Beato 
Health Care Science 

Darlene Bclgrave 
Org. Management 

Ketreena Benson Kevin Bernard 

Health Care Science Biomedical Sciences 

164 The Senior Year 

Marva Blanchard Cheryce Bone 

Biologv Print Journalism 


Tinyse Bonner 


Lewis Booth 

Marna Borieux 
Health Care Admin. 


IThael Lumbard II 

la A&M 

Mary Bouyer 
Music Education 

Cortney Boyd 

Brittny Bovell 


Joy Boyce 


Kourtney Brackins Courtney Brathwaite 
Biology Health Care Admin. 

■IF''' ■'*."■. 


Jonathan Bratton Earline Britton Jaysson Brooks Gladstone Brown Lindsay Brown 

English Organizational Mang. Biology Health Care Science Social Work 




r = 

^F vT^^ 

v«# .^sl 

I -* j| 





Timothy Brown 
Social Work 

Lavender Bryan 
Health Care & Phvs. Ed. 

Krystle Byrd 

Susan Caleb 

Eric Canson 
Fitness & Wellness 

The OC 165 





w^ ^x^ 


Vanessa Cantave 
Human Dev. & Fam. Stud. 

Joy Carter 

Nicole Carter 

Laketia Chatman 

Djuvayne Christian 

■Jr^^ ^ 

m W'--'" 



^F^^W ^M 

w ^ 



^[ tv ld.^1 1 

' '^8 

-^^# jJ 

^•^^K^iH J 





^■i^^^k ^. if 





r % 

Kara Christmas 
Electronic Media 

Michelle Conwell 
Elementary Education 

Tanya Defoe 
Elementary Education 

Camille Clarke 

Nigel Clarke Donell Collins 

Health Care Science Biomedical Sciences 

Robins Compere 

Donna Lee Daley 

Fredine Daley 

Keisha Dorse\ 


Inyene Ekah 


Akilah Davis 
English & Lang. Education 

Erika Davis 


Grace Engrani 

Kareem Engram 


Earl Esdailc 


The Senior Year 

Julius Everett 

Raquel Everett 

Lerrien Fannon 

KeUnc I- cli\ 
International Studies 

Herbon Fleming 

Crystal Forde 

Carlton Francis 
Info. Technology 

Duana P rancis 

Janiece Francis 

^^ J 

^ ^ -w- 


^^^ 'i^- Ci. 

Mishka Francis 

Delvin Frazer 

Lanora Freeman 
Social Work 

Sydney Freeman Gelder dainboa 

Interdisciplinary Studies Ministerial Theology 

.lencUe Gibbons 

Saenya Grant 

I.yle (;rim(hs 


Anthea Gibson 
Health Care Admin. 

Reginald Gracia 

Whitney Grandison 


Leonard (iray 
Health Care Science 

Marcia Green 

Allison Griftin 
Health Care Admin. 



' jl 













r'> ¥ 


DOI Cfll VTlUIll 


10": -:2r 
■■ni ■!...; ^; 

\ \ \ ■ 

Ethel Gritrm 

Taunya Grissom 

Joyce Hall 

Makeda Hampton 
\ Ocal Pert'orm & Pod. 

Prccyous Harris 

Tashianna Harris 
English Education 

Antja Voy Hartley 

Laurie Hastings 
B'amilv & Consumer Set. 



^IP*^ 4^ H 


^B '* v^yft 

^*^ '^B i 


Ml |fl 



Natalie Heath Singletary Mishra Henry 
Psychology Political Science 

Tiffany Henry 
Political Science 

Rose Hatten 

Lisa Haygood 
Organizational Mang. 

^ma^mm etc 

Ian three 

Manasha Hill Richard Hodnett 

Health Care Science Electronic Media 

Gerard Holder 

Ashley Holland Norris Hollie 

Mathematics Education Ministerial Theology 

Langston Howard 

Marcia Jackson Rebekah Jackson 

Elementary Education Public Relations 

Vancia Jackson 

Marcellus Howard 
Fitness & Wellness 


^^m ^'""^ VB 



'i^ • 




Kirsten Jackson 

Jessica Jacobs Akeisha James 

Elementary Education Elementary Education 

168 The Senior Year 

■ L. 

\v"' '%"■ -'^^ ■ 


Av'':'-\ ' '' •'' 


Marlon A. James 
Organizational Mang. 

Susan Jarrette 

Melissa Jean-louis 

Hillis Jeffries 

Paul Jobson 



pliny and 

- £ 

director of 

Deon Johnson 

Patrice Johnson 

Rhea Johnson 

A career in 
tion and educs 



Constance Jones Hutchinson Joseph Samantha Joseph 
Organizational Mang. Fitness & Wellness Nursing 

W~^ iiik !■' 

^^^^^M '*' ^^^^f^ ^^^^^^^S 

1^ ^^^^^fc^ ""' %,^^' 


. . • ! ^ 

^l\V\i^ '' Itl ''^'^" - 

Nicole Julius 

Antonaya Kelly 

Sarah Kennedy 
Biomedical Sciences 

Chantel King 

Natalie King ^, 




HB^"^ i^^i 

■ •»|*^,'Pf 


* %. 

1 " - '' 

Ryan King Michael Knight 

Health Care Science Biomedical Sciences 

Sharmaine Landy 

Makeda Lane 
Elenientarv Education 

Brittany Law 

Amber Lee ^ 
Psychology * 

Ebony Lewis 

Gerard Limerick 

Brandi Logan 

Winston London 

Britne I^ong Christianne Lubin Daniel Magistre Lisa Malioney Mirlande Matliieu 

Healtli Care Science Social Science Education Health Care Admin. Interdisciplinary Studies Social Work 

Andre Matthews 

Keisha Mayers 

.lazinvne Mctalla Flo>d Kenneth McDonald 
Elementary Education Organizational Mang. 

Lydia McFarlane 

Shalondra McKinney 

* ^^^B 


^^^m ^^ ^hP' 

^ l^^^.^i^' 

1 V- ^ ■ 

Kcri Mclean 

Kathryn Mcnorton 
Social Work 

Morgan Mcdlock Monique Metansingh 

170 The Senior Year 

(Jcnec Miller 

Elonicntarv Educalioii 

Alina Mitchell 

Derrick Mitchell 
Admin Svsl. Mang. 

Michael Murrell 

Courtney Myrick 

llimian Do. & tani. Stiut. 

Joshua Nelson 

Louis D. Nelson Jr. 
Health Care Science 

Rashon Nicholson 
Elenientarv Education 

Dorcas Ov iisu Frinipong 


Jaalah Parham 

Haycin Nurse 

Jerrond Parker 

Jennifer Paschal 

Carolyn Nwankpa 

Lauren Pedersen Buck 


Charles Penick Oge Percy \'onda Pettigrew 

Biology Computer Science Elementary Education 

Winston Phipps 



John Porter 
Information Technologv 


Deanna Pom ell Vanessa Pom ell Joyce Pressley 

Health Care Admin. Hcolth Care Admin. Health Care Science 

Angel Proyost 

Shcena Pullman Christopher Rachel Rayna Rahmint 

BioloiZ\ Nursiuii Markctinii 


Stevic Reynolds 

Renec Rhoades 
Social W ork 

The OC 171 




Indra Richardson 

Mary Rickman 

Cerise Robinson 

Cynthia Robinson Kasha Robinson 

Huninn Dev. & Fam. Stud. Eiitjlish & Lang. Education 


Marquis Robinson Rajaee Robinson Reginald Robinson 
Admin. System Mang. Organizational Mang. Ministerial Theology 



^ plans is 


Brandon Rose 

Fedoria Rugless 
Biomedical Sciences 

Derrick Sabater 
Public Relations 


^^^^^P^^^^ ^^^^^^^t- 

1 ' 5%':^'^H| ^ 

^ % \4 Z ■■ 


■ :;• ~^'- ^ W 

Walace Saint Louis 

Anikah Salim 

Fernand Samson 

Alfredneitta Sanders Dominique Sanders 
Elementary Education Biology 


Jenny Sandy 

Hermique Scarlett 

Alana Scott 

George Seay 

Roscoe Shields 

172 The Senior Year 

Wilenise SIneus 
Health Science 

Shelly Singh Henry 


Marriage after 
school and foui 
boys) after thn 
-Albert Turm 

K ""-iSSr- ■ 

'"«f '?"""]_ 



MeUssa Stewart 

Sean Small 

H^.;e^>^: ~^^WB 

^^^V '^ ^tftK^'' ' 


i ''l I \ ^w 

n\'%\ ^ 1 

Stephanie Smart 

Brandon Smith 

4*- '^\< 

i< ' 

M'\ : 

Jonathan Smith 

Tai Stamp 

Letitia Stewart «,» 




^^1^^^' /' ^V;!:'''' 





- — ^^ 

s^" '•^ ^ 

^^. \ 

ilWfe* ^ 

. Mi 

m ii\ ''^t''^ 

Jailyn Stone 

Cynthia Strong 
Admin. System Mang. 

Selena Swan 

Haven Turner 

Elementarv Education 

Shari Thomas 

Rohert Thompson 


Wesley Valinir 

Taushanika Vance 

Julius Timmons 

rilTany Wadley 
Health Care Science 

Alhert Turner 

Celeste L. Walker 

The OC 173 

Rayner Walker 
Info. Technology 

Cheri Watkins 

Julian Watkins 

J Id V'. I i 
Karen Watson 

Jeremiah Weekes 

» L 

Joel Weingarten Carrie Williams 

Organizational Mang. Health Care Science 

Dwayne Williams 

Jared Williams 

Shammah Williams 

Shaquanta Williams Nkhoie Williams Alexander Shantelle Williamson Wol Wol 

Organizational Mang. Management Nursing Theology 

Toni Ann Wright 
Biomedical Sciences 

174 The Senior Year 

■^ .V, 

J _L 

Franklin Anucha Andrew Baldwin Janiel Bates Sherritta Clianncr Sasha Crockwell Renee Dandy Beatrice Dolce 

Almonique Forbes Denise Grant Duane Hall Letriece Harris Devon Jack Matthew Jean Angelica Johnson 

** ^ 



W ' -^-illj 

Rennae Ralph Patrick Rumph Jessica Simeon Marilyn Simmons Ashli Stevenson Sarah Strand Guy Thevenin 



SS^ j^ 




Alesis Turner Sifa Uaine Monica Watson Hardden Weech Annette Wiley Christine Williams Jonathan Willis 

Senior Year 

Dante Wnght 

2726 OC 175 


Glan Alexis 

Lloyd Allen 

Nepson Ambroise 

Gabiielle Barnes 

Bruce Bean 

William Bell 

Tinyse Bonner 

April Britton 

Kyla-Denne Brown 

Yolanda Burris 

Jamelia Butler 

Whitney Butterfleld 

Nicole Chantbliss 

Sheila Cooper 

Reggie Coopwood 

Anthony Davis 

Sylvie Delva 

Guerda Desrosiers 

Melvin Dickinson 

Keisha Dorsey 

Erica Eddings 

Heylon Edwards 

Gavin Ga3mair 

Mark Golson 

Danielle Grant 

Denise Grant 

Jonathan Grant 

Ly le Griffiths 

Robert Hardy 

Josiah Harry 

Jennifer Henry 

LaVonne Hodsoll Baker Isbelia Williams 

Diana James 
Perrar Joseph SI 

Tanya Loveday 
Jevon Lowe 
Shanae MacKenzie 
Gema Massillon 
Clifton McMillan 
Nathan McWilliams 
Ernest Medley 
Dayna Mitchell i^ 
Taurus Montogmery 
Angela Morgan 
Renee Morris 
Jenny Noel 
Abiola Oyekanmi 
Albert Peterson 
Natalie Pinder 
Marcus Porter 
Traci Preston 
George Prosper 
Krystle RichardscMti 
Bethany Simmons 
Shonqyat Sims 
Ashley Smith 
Brandon Smith | 
Jeremy Stennis 
Jonathan Thomas 
Anthony Usher i 
Esther Veras i 
Stephen Vemcm ^ ^_ 
Yonnett Victor |i p 

Omar Williams 

Shammah Willianis 

Kevin Wingo 

176 The Senior Year 

The OC 177 

Derrick Sabater 

Vice President 

Melissa Stewart 

Kelan Fielder 

^i^cslicni's /Hcssa^c 

Dorcus Owusu- Frimpong 

Tke OakwoocL College 

TTie Expeviences to Know 

,.«;»«,,».,=Qeiss-ol-aoe& and 2010- 

as you are 

"Oakwood expeflence,' ckeulsk e^'euy 
nionient of It. Stui^Je to do youf 
best at wKate^ec tasks aue set beroce 
YOU, and Watck kow God will bless 

vouc ettouts. 

The Passion to Cace 

Class of 2008, aftei? so nianv 

years, tnere comes a point voneve 
you feel you ka^e to movJe on. As 
you become future seniors, take 
tke responsibility of caring for tke 
Well being of e\?er^'one, especially 
our dear Institution and fellow 

The W^iRingness to Serve i 

":S^i^:-z So, after you finally' recelvTC 
tkat degree tkat you'^^e sla^v^ed o\)ev 
for four/flee years, Class of 2007 ;)'ou 
ask yourself, wkats next? As you 
close anotkcr ckapter of your life 
r@«i,@Mib@r«t@ comnilt yourself to ,, 
Ckrlst and sers^lce. i 

Class of 20)7, 2008, 2009, and 
2010, reflect on "Tke Experience ij 
to Know, Tke Passion to Care, Jj 

^^^^^!^^^ain(^ess to Serv>e." It Is oue ^ 
prwllege to skarc tke lovie of Jesus 
Ckrlst. Be encouraged, be blessed. 

Derrick Sabater 

Class of 2007 Senior Class President 


The Senior Year 


Most Congenial 

Derrick Sabater & 
Nicole Carter 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Gerard Limerick & 
Morgan Medlock 


I* \illllll 

k fli 




m^ ^ 



Most Talented 

Fernand Samson & 
Joyce Pressley 


Outstanding Leadership 

Joshua Nelson & 
Kasha Robinson 


The Senior Year 

Be St- All- Around 

Mark Howard & 
Jailyn Stone 

Religious Leader 

Reginald Exum & 
Morgan Medlock 

Best Couple 

Jaysson Brooks & Brittany Law 

Best Smile 

Anthony Paschal & 
Alina Mitchell 

Outstanding Service 

Charles Pinnock & 
Katherine McNorton 




Mortar board and hood on straight? Check. Graduation clearance card pinned to kente cloth? Check. Silly string 

and whistle safely hidden under gown? Check. Your medallions clang against your beating heart. The crowd's 

renzy thunders through the arena, shaking the cold concrete around you. Anticipation builds in the line downstairs. 

Someone yells out your major, you yell it too! We 've been separated by degree instead of department to keep us 

quiet, but we 're still making noise! "We 're headed in, folks! " a faculty member shouts at the front . . . You see the 

light at the end of the tunnel... you go for it! 
Entering the stadium, you look into the stands; your name is finger-painted on a poster board: Congratulations 
The Senior Year 



Graduate! You hear that one loud relative yelling, "That's myfam'ly right thei'e!" You wish the line would go 

straight for the stage to pick up your diploma — ahem, cover — and go take pictures, but we have to wait... How did 

we get the mayor of Atlanta? Did J er rick just say "Bite ankles for Jesus?! " Who cares? You waited 128 hours of 

class (however many years that took you), but the ceremony 's hours seem to last an eternity. . . Finally you stand to 

^approach the stage; this is your last clearance line. It's your turn. Your name is called; someone finally pronounced^ 

it right! An air horn sounds and. . . You 're done! 
Congratulations. Now depart to serve. 



184 The Senior Year 

The OC 185 

Seeking God, Serving Others 

And Congratulating Graduating 
2006-2007 USM Cabinet Members! 

Kasha Robinson 

Executive Vice President 
Joshua Nelson 

Religious Vice President 
H. Micah Weech 

Financial Vice President 
Julius Everett 

Athletic Vice President 
Sarah Sims 

Academic Vice President 
Marcia Jackson 

Social Vice President 
D'Andria Anderson 

Kathryn McNorton 

Acorn Editor 
Joy Anderson 

Spreading Oak Editor 
Michael Vance 

Marc Nixon 

Special Events Coordinator 
Jailyn Stone 

Music Coordinator 
Jonathan Tankard 

Web Master 
Dwayne Williams 










The Senior Year 

OffnffMa/Uns h fva^fue/ and ffoil^n 
u am ve^ fmoud &/ fou iaikll 

We made // h Me end and si was enlf iff He ^»ace ej^ad. 

jiaycin Jvufise 

Ja/lp oisne 

Ka^uel Qveneii 

(/fnd io (/yly l/Uondenjul rmenis - Jliand mu jsn mm J^ove and O , 


• jiaycln Land ace Jvmse 

Clmej 2007 

TheOC 187 


The Senior Year 

Ifs been a crazy year and we 

couldn't have done it without the 

three of you!!! 

^e./1/or ^ec//o/j ^//'/or 

Typically Graduating seniors post pictures of themselves; however, I have chosen to make a tribute to my 
mother and father in efforts to express not only my appreciation for them, hut to show them the impact that 
they've had on the person that I've become. 

Firstly and most importantly however, I must honor my Father in Heaven, Who has heen my rock, my 
confidence, my strength, my happiness and my bosom friend. I praise God for opening many doors leading 
to my success, as well as the closure of those that may have hindered his will for my life. 

Words cannot describe or justify what my parents Dexter and Ann Marie Weekes have done for me. 
The bible says to honor one's parents and although that may sometimes be a pervasive challenge, there 
is never a day in which I do not feel the desire to serve them, in addition to feeling honored to be their 
daughter; I take pleasure in pleasing them. God has blessed me with God-fearing parents who are also my 
best friends. They have always stood by my side no matter the test. They have always been encouraging 
and uplifting to me during times of need and when I felt as though I could not go on. My parents truly 
exemplify: love, kindness, selflessness, determination and perseverance. 

My mother has always taught me never to settle for less than I deserve. She has also told me countless 
times, "Where there is a will, there is a way!' Such simple words ... but the way she lives her life is a 
testament to her virtuosity, and the bible says, "Who can find a virtuous woman?" The former has led me 
to challenge myself as a woman, a Christian, and a student. 

Numerous times, my father has made the comparison between pigeons 
and eagles; Pigeons fiock together on the ground and remain in groups 
while the eagle soars high and independently above external factors. 
One must learn to follow prior to being able to lead. Similar to the 
eagle, one should not be fearful of standing alone or spreading their 
wings in order that they might fly high above all obstacles, adversities, 
resistances and negatives. One must learn to identify and carry out 
Gods purposes with integrity, confidence and humility. 

Dearest Mommy and Daddy, together, you are the wind beneath my 
Wings. I love you and Thank you. 


Class ofiooy 

Dexter and Ann Marie Weekes 




zM^iss zM^aJ^eda V^lette <£ane 

Graduating Class of 


Oakwood College 

190 The Senior Year 

Sydney freeman ^ Jr. 

To My #1 Son: 

We are so proud of you. 

Always remember to: 

''Trust in the Lord with all your heart; 

Lean not on your own understanding. 

In all your ways acknowledge Him, 

And he will direct your paths.'' 

Proverbs 3:5-6 

Continue in your persistence and let God 
lead you. 

-Love Mommy Beautiful, Marcus, 
and Cassie 


The 00 191 


^pn^ll ^ii>lltlt^a% 









1 \ 1 


In Loving Memory of My Late Grandmother 
Mildred Britton (1915 - 2005) 

192 The Senior Year 






194 The End 

Life at The OC is a 
different experience- 
unique to us and 
nobody else. Many 
people speak of it, 
assuming they know 
what it's like because 
they heard it from 
someone else - but 
they don't. Whether 
it is one semester or 
four years plus, once 
you are here you are 
part of the legacy. 

The OC 195 


The End 

^H xtf'j^^^Bf ^^^^ 




1 THr-.i^il.— 




t ^9 f ^ ^ 


% , ^i ^ J ^^ 1 ^:^^^^^ 

-. mJLw.' •■ 


__ \ ■ ■ 

1 .^ 

|p» ^ ^^ 


■ ' '^"^ 1^1 




Ihe OC i97 

'^ '%^0'^v\£^ /A.a<A^ lAi^^^A- \^V\^^(A J oi^A/\:S>m. 'R-(y^l^el ^ak-^zY' '^o4:(Ale^ 
Allevi ^do/v^OA. /y\?4:l^ek~a- X\/eyI (^ooci/]Aavi VUi'-e^lci^ He:fo''wAey 



i-^V iVVC^V 

198 The End 

Nffte:^^ ^viyy^ ^/m^ t^^ltov 

'To all my friends, classmates, schoolmates, and people I've 
never met - thank you for making this yearbook possible! 
Without you, there would be nothing and nobody to write about—, 
take pictures of I hope that you enjoy your yearbook and that 
you enjoyed your year (be it first, second, third, fourth, or more) 
.at The OC! f 


m m 

Laura Rankhorn and Thorun Zitner-Crawford - It's been a pleasure to work with Walsworth again. Both of you have been 
helpful and cheerful. Mrs. Rankhorn, it was nice to meet and work with you and Mrs. Crawford it was another great year. 

Dr. Ramona Hyman and Marjorie Robinson - For proofreading, for making sure we got our printer, and for all the sugges- 
tions and encouragement. The Acorn is lucky to have dedicated faculty and Student Activities sponsors, and I'm grateful for 
the privelage to work with you both. 

Juwanza Mcintosh (Assistant Editor) - You know how much work all this is, but you decided to do it again anyway, and for 
that I'm eternally grateful. If we spent half the time we did in Ford Hall studying, I'm sure we 'd both have a 4.5 GPA, but I 
think (hope) we did alright with classes anyway. I'm glad I've been able to get to know you these past two years - we 've defi- 
netly had plenty of time. Well this is it for us - as far as partners-in-crime goes, but I'm sure we'll have much more fun hang- 
ing out away from Ford next year . (Have fun in Swaziland!!) 

Brittany Taylor (Photo Editor) - For the (3rd) year of great photos as well as coordinating the photographers. I hope you 'II 
remember me when you are famous and your photos are all over the magazines! 

Ryan Lang (Copy Editor) - For offering to proofread at the end of last year. No telling how many errors there would be if you 
hadn't looked over most of the pages. (Haha - if there are any mistakes it's safe to say you probably didn 't get to see those 
pages.) Hey, but what can I say - it's always great to work with someone from Oakwood Academy. (Go Mustangs!) 

Kassidy Alexander (Office Manager) - Kass! KD! Kassy! All your favorite nicknames. Thanks for everything friend and ex- 
suitemate. My fingers are crossed for West Oaks next year. 

Micah Weech - Wow. Thanks - for the photos, advice (whether unsolicited or not), the photos, the friendly arguments, and the 
photos. I award you Best- All- Around Yearbook Supporter. (When famous - remember where you were first published.) 

Michael Vance - Thanks for shooting the breeze when we both needed a break from the office and for the last minute help. (Go 
Mustangs! Haha.) 

All My Writers and Contributors - Everyone who wrote - Thank you for completing your assignments on time (or two seconds 
before we mailed the pages) and occasionally (o.k. it was a lot) accepting assignments last minute. You guys are life savers! 

Photographers - You are invaluable! Great photos make a great yearbook. Once again - thanks for ALL your help. 

Last but not least . . . Thanks to my parents and Tamara/or encouragement and support and for listening to me moan and 
complain. And hey, you're right it wasn't that bad qfterall. (Well, wait a minute - yes it was . . . . ) 

The 00 199 


The 54th vohime of The Acorn, t!ic yeariiDok ul'Oakwood 
College, was edited {>y Joy AiidersoiL It was f)u!)lished l>y 
the Oakwood (,^k)ik*ge United Student Movement and printed 
by Walswortli Pubhshing ('oinpany. 

The press run e)rihe 2007 Acorn.^ an 8„,5 x 1 1 si/e book, was 
1 700 eopies of 200 pages. 'Hiis book's images are pi anted on 
k'gend gk)ss 80#, This book's eover material is navy linen 
120 pt board with hot foil m 819 matte gokl (antique). 

'Ilie 2007 Acorn was created on Mac cotrrputers using 
Adobe InDesign CS2. 'I'he typography used throughout 
book includes AWPCCainpbelL AWPCXjissidy, 
AWPCJames. AWPtTnnes. and AWlX,.n,onHhnmb. 

The 2007 AcoriCs portraits were taken by l^hdhj^s Studio, ' 

Huntsville, Al All other photographs were sliot digitally 

on a Nikon Coolf)ix 5600 or eontiibuted Iw student 
photographei's' individual cameras. 

>'oii are privileged to hold what lias been the offitaal 
yearbook of Oakwood C'ollege for 58 years and 5-1 volumes. 
'I'he opimonsand views i'xpresst'd in this book are not 
necessarily those of Oakwood College. All rights reserved. 

200 The End 

f * H*^' 

(1^ Stv